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Request a Free Mesothelioma Information Guide

  • Information on top doctors and cancer centers
  • The latest clinical trials and treatment methods
  • Financial information to help with treatment costs
Request a Free Guide

01. Main CTA

Main Call to Action

There are options available to adjust what the CTA displays. All shortcode parameters are optional so if none are provided it defaults to the treatment guide content.

Example shortcode parameters:

content-type=’treatment-guide’ (The default type is ‘treatment-guide’ but this can be one of the eight types available: ‘top-doctors”top-cancer-centers’, ‘ask-jen’, ‘financial-assistance’, ‘legal-rights’, ‘talk-to-heather’, ‘wristbands’, ‘veterans’)
title=’My Title’
subtitle=’My Subtitle’ (above the title)
content=’Content goes here’
url=’’ (specify a url if desired)
label=’Button Text’
class=’hide-for-small-only’ (use this to add extra classes)
enable-tracking=’yes’ (use this to enable/disable cta tracking)
is-anchor=’no’ (use this if url is a same-page jump-link)

02. Main 3-Pack CTA

Main 3 Pack Call to Action

The first CTA in the following 3-pack displays the new “Lawyer” content:

Below are 3pack variations where the bullets are not displayed (using the parameter: content-enabled=”no”):

Below are 3pack alternate designs where the guide image is not displayed:

06. Did You Know?

Did You Know Call to Action

07. Interior Header CTA

Interior Header CTA





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