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Veterans continue to fight a number of battles after returning home. Due to the traumatic experiences and various carcinogenic exposures encountered on active duty, veterans suffer from an array of medical conditions ranging from mental illness to mesothelioma. Beyond that is the challenge of adjusting back to civilian life. This makes honoring America's roughly 22 million veterans all the more important.

This Veterans Day, the MCA is dedicated to giving back to those who gave (and continue to give) so much.

How Can You Serve Those Who Served?

As a citizen on Veteran’s Day, it’s all too easy to feel helpless and unsure of how to best honor those who fought for our freedom. How can we show our appreciation in a meaningful way?

  1. Attend a local parade or event. This is a great way to get your whole family involved in honoring our servicemen and women. Find a parade in your state.
  2. Donate. There are a number of non-profit organizations working hard to improve the lives of veterans. Help them with their mission by donating. One example is The Soldier’s Project, which provides free and confidential psychological services to veterans and their loved ones. Here is a list of other reputable organizations for more ideas and options.
  3. Write Them a Letter. Even if you don’t know a veteran personally, this is a really meaningful way to reach out. It’s a simple yet powerful message when a veteran hears from one of the many people they’re fighting for. Let them know how much their service means to you. Click here for help finding a veteran to send a letter to.
  4. Visit a Vet. Another great way to honor our veterans is to spend the day with one. One way to do this would be to visit a local VA hospital — just be sure to call ahead to check the hospital’s policies.

    If the weather is nice, you could also see about inviting a veteran or military family along to explore a national park. On Veterans Day, admission is free for all visitors.
  5. Volunteer. In addition to or in lieu of donating, consider volunteering with one of the many reputable organizations dedicated to honoring veterans.