Gifts for Cancer Patients

With exactly two weeks until Christmas day, many families and loved ones are in the midst of their holiday shopping frenzy to prepare for the big day. But the holidays may not be bringing comfort and joy to everyone this season. If you have a loved one who has been diagnosed with cancer, you may be at a loss for what to give that person for this holiday season. When going through cancer treatments, patients often deal with side effects that leave them not feeling well and uncomfortable. There are many great gifts that could make a patient smile and feel better. Whether you are a family member, friend, or caregiver, the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance has put together a list of suggestions to help any gift giver, whether the occasion is Christmas, a birthday, or a “just because” gift.

Fit Kit

Fit Kit

Cancer patients understand the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle with diet and exercise to help the success of their treatments. The Fit Kit is a great gift for patients who want to exercise without a gym membership. Cancer patients have used the Fit Kit successfully with great results. Since it’s sold in a compact case, the Fit Kit is portable and can be used in the hospital, home, or office.

The HopeFULL Company


Jessica and Stephanie, two sisters who developed nutritious, “whole-food pops” for a friend with cancer as she struggled to eat nutritious foods during cancer treatments, founded the HopeFULL Company. They launched the HopeFULL Company to provide kits to adults and children who are having trouble eating and getting nutrition due to medical treatments or health issues.

RonWear Port-able Clothing

RonWear clothing

For patients receiving chemotherapy or other medical treatments, sitting in treatment rooms can make a patient cold or embarrassed because of the hospital gowns they wear. RonWear was created to keep a patient warm and comfortable with discreet zippers for easy port access during treatments. RonWear was even seen on GMA host Robin Roberts as she was leaving the hospital from her bone marrow transplant.



Founded by Dr. Elizabeth Chabner Thompson, BFFL Bag Co. was developed as a way to help comfort patients while they’re in the hospital. There are many bags to choose from to help bring joy and comfort to patients going through different experiences.

Metropolis Soap Co.

Metropolis Soap Co.

Cancer patients often become very sensitive to scents and chemicals during and after treatments. A great gift idea is a set from Metropolis Soap Co. for soaps, creams, and balms that are free of chemicals, dyes, and scents to give a patient some luxury that doesn’t affect them negatively.

“Cancer: 50 Essential Things To Do”

Cancer: 50 Essential Things To Do

Written by cancer survivor Greg Anderson, who was given 30 days to live after his terminal lung cancer diagnosis, Greg set out to learn from survivors instead of accepting his fate. His resulting novel has turned into a hit with patients who read it and claim their whole perspective on their cancer journey changes.

These are just a few examples of some great gift ideas to share with loved ones caring for patients and patients themselves during the holiday season or during any other gift giving time. Share any other great gift ideas you have with our community!