Young Girl with Cancer Gives Herself Hair

1) Mirror Image: Young Girl with Cancer Gives Herself Hair

This picture, presumably of a young girl with cancer, was one of the most retweeted photos on Twitter for the week of November 27th, 2011

2) Trending Now: Young Girl with Terminal Cancer Raises Thousands for Research Through Twitter

Alice Pyne, a young girl battling terminal cancer, checked something off of her bucket list; to be trending on Twitter. Her simple request to be trending went viral and raised thousands for cancer research. #AliceBucketList

Alice Pyne Treds on Twitter

3) 10 Year Old Cancer Patient Sings Star-Spangled Banner at Ball Game

Lily Anderson, a 10 year old girl suffering from stage 4 neuroblastoma, receives a standing ovation after her rendition of the National Anthem at Turner Field in Atlanta.

4) Mark Herzlich: From the Oncology Unit to the NFL

Mark Herzlich was an All-American football player at Boston College with dreams of becoming an NFL star. In 2009 at the age of 21, Herzlich was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma, a rare bone cancer. Not only did it seem that his football days were over, but he was told that he might not ever run again. Herzlich surprised everyone and made a full recovery, finishing out the 2010 Boston College football season strong. Despite his performance, NFL scouts passed on Herzlich at the 2011 draft, doubting that Herzlich was well enough to withstand the grueling demands of the pro level after cancer. Again, Herzlich proved his critics wrong and was signed by the Giants in September. “I’ve been told that I couldn’t play football before, and I played. Again at the draft, I was told we don’t want you to play, but now I am back.” Indeed he is.

Mark Herzlich: From the Oncology Unit to the NFL

5) Rice University Embraces Cancer Stricken Fan

Ross Keeler, a 6 year old boy in remission from medulloblastoma (a form of brain cancer), is not fighting his cancer alone. A fan of the Rice University football team, he now has the whole line-up behind him after Coach David Bailiff and his team took Ross under their wing.

6) Jack Marshall

This touching video tribute was created in memory of Jack Marshall, an avid Manchester United fan who was diagnosed with a brain tumor at just 4 years old. Jack remained positive and smiling through it all, and made headlines as his love for the UK’s favorite team captured the hearts of the League’s biggest stars. Jack’s favorite player, Wayne Rooney, along with the help of his teammates, helped Jack form an army of more than 40,000 twitter followers and dedicated time to raising awareness about childhood brain tumors in honor of the little boy. Jack Marshall lost his fight with cancer on October 13, 2011, but Jack’s smile and resilience will forever be remembered.

7) Christmas Miracle for Parents Diagnosed with Cancer

If these parents didn't believe in miracles before, they've certainly changed their outlook now. Elisa and Nathan Bond were diagnosed with cancer just 9 days apart; Elisa with stage IV breast cancer at age 36 and Nathan with stage III rectal cancer at age 38. While caring for their 2 year old daughter Sadie, both went through intense chemotherapy for their cancer. Now only a year later, Elisa is celebrating the miracle of being N.E.D.- "No Evidence of Disease".

8) Death of Steve Jobs: Visionary, Entrepreneur and Cancer Warrior

Steve Jobs was an iconic American visionary and founder of Apple, Inc. who lost his 7-year battle with pancreatic cancer on October 5th, 2011. Despite eventually succumbing to the disease, Steve inspired many as he continued to revolutionize the technological universe as we know it while simultaneously fighting for his life with tenacity. Perhaps Steve said it best: "Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn't matter to me. ... Going to bed at night saying we've done something wonderful ... that's what matters to me."
Mission accomplished, Steve.

9) Allison Eberhardt Sings Cover of Adele Hit, Goes Viral

In September, Allison was diagnosed with Leukemia but didn't let that stop her from pursuing her passion: singing. Allison says about her Leukemia, "It may have taken my hair and a significant amount of my body weight, but it didn't take my voice!"

10) Inspiring Post-It: “This is a challenge, not a disease.”

This post-it note was found on the desk of a co-worker who had recently lost his battle with cancer, but had remained positive throughout his battle.

Inspiring Post-It