ACCR Cancer Research Month

For all of the support you give to charities, walks and events against cancer, do you ever wonder if you are really making a difference in the fight against this seemingly invincible enemy known as cancer?

The answer is this: Yes! Every donation in the name of cancer research is important in the continuing fight against this foe. As of 2007 and 2011, Congress even stepped up to the plate to help recognize May as National Cancer Research Month alongside the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR).

The goal of the medical community has always been simple—find a cure for cancer. The best way that any individual or group can help reach that goal is by giving funds. Many people may not feel that they have enough to give to help make a difference, but every amount, even a small donation, can help bring about a large change.

Here are some examples of how people and companies are helping to further cancer research and find a cure: Logo
"Small donations are incredibly important. Many small labs depend on small contributions from donors and community foundations to pursue research. Because these labs don't have money to waste, each donation is used as efficiently as possible.Donations of $5 and $10 can buy general lab supplies. $20 can buy primers for experiments. Research cannot be conducted without these seemingly insignificant supplies; so small donations really do make a big impact. And when enough small donations are pooled, entire projects can be financed.”

--Chris Rovin, Executive Director & Co-founder of, a crowdfunding site for medical research.

“Our company has teamed up with Drive Away Cancer to raise funding and awareness for Cancer Research. We have created a Drive Away Cancer cause shirt and, being a vintage automotive themed clothing line, we found it was a great fit. We end up making nothing on the shirt once we factor in design, production, and shipping costs, but we are able to send $10 from each purchase to support Drive Away Cancer. Just about everyone in our office has been affected by cancer, from my own Grandmother passing away two years ago, to close friends, and the few lucky ones that have beat it.”

--Michael Satterfield, Director of Morgan’s & Phillip’s, an automotive themed clothing company.

Pampered Chef Logo
“Every year, The Pampered Chef® joins forces with the American Cancer Society® to raise funds for breast cancer awareness and early detection programs. Since 2000, we have raised more than $10.2 million through our Help Whip Cancer® program.

With more than 65,000 Independent Consultants worldwide, the Pampered Chef dedicates the months of May and October to Help Whip Cancer®. Consultants raise money from the sale of limited-edition pink products and offer Help Whip Cancer® Fundraiser Cooking Shows, where a percentage of the sales are donated to the American Cancer Society. Plus, in October, both Consultants and Home Office Coworkers participate in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer® Walk to show our support and raise more funds for those battling cancer.”

-- Kate Johnston, Sr. PR Coordinator for Pampered Chef®, the premier direct seller of high quality kitchen tools.

“I am the co-owner (along with my mother Sandy) of Jewels For Hope. We create handmade jewelry and donate to 15 organizations close to our hearts. We donate a portion of the profits of every item sold on our site to one of the amazing organizations we support.One of the organizations we donate to is the American Cancer Society. Our jewelry ranges from $20 to over $500 no matter how much money someone has to spend, they feel as if they are doing their part in donating. Every little bit does count! All of our causes mean something to us and every year we hope to donate more and more to them. Everyone can Look Great & Donate!”

-- Stevie D’Andrea, Co-Owner of Jewels for Hope, a unique, handmade jewelry company.

These are just a couple of examples of individuals and businesses working with cancer organizations to make a difference in cancer research and care. Every small donation helps make a big difference; share what it is that you, your family or your workplace does to help support cancer research!