International Women's Day

Celebrated since the early 1900’s, March 8th marks the International Women’s Day. This day has been recognized as a day to honor women all over the world who are enacting societal changes in the world’s attitude toward women’s rights and equality. Today, women are breaking into many roles as CEOs, government officials, and social activists while still holding important traditional roles as mothers. In earlier celebrations, International Women’s Day highlighted the struggles of women to earn equality, while today many celebrations are highlighting successes of women’s hard work in their communities.

At Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance, we’ve spoken to many strong women working hard to improve the quality of cancer patients’ lives, as well as raise awareness for the deadly disease of mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases. Today, we wanted to thank these women for contributing to our community and highlight their contributions to our blog. Read their inspiring stories and share these with the important women in your life to honor International Women’s Day.

Dr. Andra Brosh

"Help Your Relationship to Thrive Through Cancer"
Dr. Andra Brosh
, who wrote a piece on how to ensure that your relationship stays strong though cancer.

Patricia Brett

"Beauty That Suits YOU"
An Interview with Patricia Brett, owner of Veronica Brett, a swimwear collection of sexy, classic swimsuits for breast cancer survivors.

Shannon Miller

"From Olympic Gold to Ovarian Cancer: Our Interview with Former US Gymnast Shannon Miller"
An interview with Shannon Miller America’s most decorated U.S. gymnast and ovarian cancer survivor.

Two Sisters

"Two Sisters, Two Countries, One Goal"
Leah and Stacy
- two sisters who joined together to fight against the asbestos industry after losing their father to mesothelioma.

Jan Egerton

"Stories of Survival: Jan Egerton"
An interview with Jan Egerton- an important and inspirational Meso Warrior.

Rachel Shaneyfelt

"When Cancer Got Big, God Got Bigger!: My Journey With Mesothelioma"
An interview with Rachel Shaneyfelt, a mesothelioma survivor who is excited to offer hope and support to those facing similar challenges.

Kick Cancer's Butt

"How to Kick Cancer's Butt… and Then Some!"
And we can't forget our women who Kicked Cancer's Butt... and Then Some!