Peace of Mind

When one is undergoing a cancer treatment, thoughts of confusion, uncertainty, and pressure can be at the forefront of their minds. It can be extremely difficult to find time to relax and ease your mind amidst all the doctor appointments, days where rest is needed or simple thoughts about the future. However, there is hope and a safe alternative to gaining a piece of mind for both body and spirit—that hope lies within Reiki treatment.

Traditional massage therapists target muscle groups to help relieve soreness and tension while promoting relaxation. This hands-on therapy can be a rigorous workout for both the practitioner and the patient. However, a Reiki therapist takes a very light touch or, in some cases, a hands-off approach that can alleviate the pain and tension caused by illness.

Cancer patients undergoing Reiki therapy find that this touch method relieves pain. Some discover that Reiki can ease chemotherapy side effects such as nausea and extreme fatigue. In fact, positive feedback from cancer sufferers who endorse Reiki massage has inspired many cancer centers throughout the country to offer on-site Reiki therapy as an option for patients.

Those who suffer with advanced forms of cancer such as mesothelioma, breast or ovarian, as well as those undergoing their first course of treatment can benefit from Reiki. According to the American Cancer Society, "some patients who were getting cancer treatment have reported an increased sense of well-being, with less pain, nausea and vomiting after Reiki sessions." However, ACS also points out that no rigorous scientific studies have confirmed the efficacy of Reiki therapy for cancer patients.

People in pain and physical distress require only the proof of personal results. Because Reiki is light or no touch therapy, it poses little danger of harm and promises many benefits. Practitioners who treat cancer patients carefully avoid sensitive areas, such as surgery incisions, while providing gentle, relaxing therapy.

The Reiki practitioner works to increase the universal life energy within and around the patient to strengthen his or her physical and mental resources promote relaxation and foster healing. In the case of cancer patients, the intent is not to heal but to ease pain, reduce stress and bring peace of mind.

During the typical hour-long therapeutic session, the patient wears comfortable, loose-fitting clothing. The practitioner focuses on between 12 and 26 strategic points on the patient's body, letting his or her hands rest gently on each location or hover above for approximately 5 minutes or less. The practitioner's hands act as a conduit to direct positive energy in and around the patient. Many Reiki experts recommend that a subject receive three treatments within a short time period so that the practitioner can build on the positive results.

Despite being adopted by more and more health care facilities for pain relief, Reiki massage therapy remains outside the therapeutic mainstream. Most health insurance providers that pay for traditional massage therapy do not cover Reiki sessions and probably won't until researchers deliver substantiation of its therapeutic efficacy. Reiki therapy is a forefront treatment for mesothelioma patients primarily because it does not involve a lot of pressure on joints or ligaments; rather it is a spiritual and relaxing massage alternative.

However, for cancer patients in pain, Reiki has proven helpful in a number of ways. It not only encourages patients to relax and helps ease discomfort, but Reiki massage can relieve the depression, anxiety and exhaustion that accompany serious illness. Reiki massage for cancer patients may not be a scientifically substantiated therapy, but many people find that it helps them cope with their daily pain and maintain the peace of mind that helps them to relax and rest.

Consult your doctor today and see if Reiki is a therapy that could be beneficial for you and your treatment. Let your mind relax and escape some of life’s everyday stressors. Nourish your body both mentally and spiritually and gain the piece of mind that you deserve.