Struggling to find that perfect gift for that special person battling cancer in your life? We’ve got you covered!

Not only do we have the top holiday gift ideas, but we’ve also provided a thorough list of every other fantastic gift that will surely put a smile on anyone’s face.

For the top gifts, we’ve broken down each one into different price points, so you’ll find the right holiday gift whatever your budget.

As always, with any gift, keep in mind the recipient’s current condition. Oftentimes, they may not be able to receive a gift especially if it’s in conflict with their doctor’s orders or if it disrupts their treatment process. If you can, discreetly check if your gift idea is appropriate.

In general, try to stay away from cut flowers, plants and gift baskets with fresh fruit. People who are either immune-suppressed from their condition (like myeloma) or from treatment like chemotherapy for mesothelioma shouldn’t have those items.

The point of any gift for someone with cancer is that it should be something that makes their life more comfortable and manageable.

But, after all, gifts are about love and thoughtfulness. That’s what matters most.

Top Holiday Gift Ideas

Blanket or Throw
Think about purchasing a small, yet durable, blanket for the loved one in your life. Blankets are a fantastic gift because they’re easily portable to doctor’s offices, hospitals and for snuggling at home on the couch.

Consider easy-to-wash fabrics like cotton or a blend. If you’re able, consider purchasing a cashmere blanket because it adds a refined touch to an otherwise grim situation.

Scarf, Shawl or Wrap (Ladies)
Just like blankets and throws, a scarf is a great gift idea for someone battling cancer. Being warm and comfortable is often difficult especially in drafty waiting rooms and cold winter nights, scarves are incredibly versatile and, not to mention, fashionable.

Again, look for fabrics that are simple to launder. You can spend as much or as little for a nice, quality scarf.

Slippers or Moccasins (Gentlemen)
Keeping your feet nice and toasty is the key to overall comfort. Since many people with cancer have a difficulty keeping warm in many different situations and environments, giving a gift of slippers that can be worn in and out of the house is a kind and loving gift.

Other Fantastic Holiday Gift Ideas