5 ways to help a friend with cancer

Virtually everyone is touched by cancer—whether you are a patient, family member, friend, colleague or caregiver. We all want to demonstrate our care and concern without being intrusive. We wonder: What should we say? What should we do? How can we help?

For the past decade, I have researched the answers to these three questions, gathering wisdom from hundreds of cancer survivors, and tapping the expertise of over forty professionals. Here are five important things I learned in writing When Cancer Strikes a Friend: What to Say, What to Do, and How to Help.

When you want to offer help effectively and appropriately, you will need to:

When Cancer Strikes a Friend

Bonnie E. Draeger, author, survivor, and Executive Director of Friends & Cancer, author of When Cancer Strikes a Friend.

About the Author:
Bonnie E. Draeger is president and executive director of Friends & Cancer, as well as an ordained deacon in the United Methodist Church. She has written cover articles for Parents' Press and Christians in Education and contributed to the textbook Music: A Way of Life for the Young Child. She currently lives in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, with her husband.