Asbestos awareness week

As Asbestos Awareness Week 2013 progresses, it’s important to take a look back in time at the valuable information we’ve posted on our blog. Some of our most popular blog posts have been those related to asbestos awareness and education. Asbestos Awareness week is an important time for the mesothelioma community. Since so many people are unaware of the dangers of asbestos, this week in particular is an ideal time to educate others on these hazards.

In the spirit of awareness and education; here is a list of 5 must-read (& must-share) articles about asbestos:

1. "Experts Forcast Global "Catastrophe of Death and Disease" From Asbestos Use" - Our MCA Investigative Journalist Gary Cohn covers the global impact asbestos will have on global health as many countries continue to use asbestos products without caution.

2. Danger in the Dust: The Truth About Spring Cleaning - This article uncoveres the hidden dangers of asbestos when performing DIY renovations in your home.

3. 5 Places Asbestos is Hiding in Your Home - An article about the unexpected places and products where asbestos can be hiding in your home.

4. The Mesothelioma Combat Guide for Veterans - For many veterans, asbestos exposure was unavoidable. To help prepare a veteran to go into battle against asbestos-related diseases, this article shares a comprehensive list of resources for veterans that can be found on our site.

5. The History of Asbestos: Then & Now - Asbestos has a longer history than many may realize. For Asbestos Awareness Week, this article contains a list of compelling asbestos facts to help spread education about this deadly fiber.

More information about asbestos can be found here:

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