A chronic illness such as a cancer diagnosis can be a very difficult matter to digest and a heavy burden to swallow. That is why it is important for each cancer patient to maintain a positive relationship with their nurses and other healthcare professionals so that they may feel more comfortable in their situation and optimistic for the future. From mesothelioma to breast cancer, all cancer patients deserve a caring nurse who will understand and address their concerns so that the best possible outcome for health can be attained.

Nurses that specialize in oncology care take on the roles of many people. In one day they may serve as a friend, educator, social worker, counselor, or researcher, among many others nursing duties. The great thing about being a nurse is that they have the best opportunity than any other healthcare professional to develop a meaningful relationship with the patient and serve as a critical advocate for that patient’s health.

Effective nurses will always make their patients feel as though they can address them with any concern at any time, opening communication lines and assisting patients through their cancer treatment when they need support the most.

One of the most important skills of a qualified oncology nurse is to be knowledgeable about the patient’s disease and the ability to educate that patient and their family on various symptoms, treatment methods, and prognosis stages. Studies show that when patients are unaware or unsure about what their prognosis means, they are more likely to suffer from depression during treatment. That is why it is important for nurses to keep their patients informed about their progress and talk to each patient as an active decision-making individual and not a lost cause.

A nurse should also possess good listening skills and encourage the patient to voice their concerns whenever needed. Simply showing a cancer patient that they are cared for is enough to relieve their stress on some level and establish a conducive, healing environment.

Developing a positive relationship with a nurse when going through cancer treatment offers many benefits. A nurse that has worked with a particular patient for a long period of time will know that patient more extensively than any other healthcare professional and will be able to recommend appropriate healing techniques and treatment methods.

This nurse will also be able to read the patient’s emotions more readily and understand when they may need help with something or are uncomfortable with a certain treatment procedure. Nurse and patient relationships such as these are optimal for healthcare and exemplify what every cancer patient needs when going through a tough treatment.

In addition, patients who establish close relationships with their nurses are more likely to trust other healthcare providers and comply with various treatment guidelines so that the best results may be achieved. That is why it is so important to find not only someone who cares, but find a medical professional who knows how to help. Find a nurse that can ease your worry and guide you on the right track back to your optimal health and never give up the fight.