It is not uncommon to experience a plethora of emotions when your doctor informs you that you are suffering from an illness or disease. At first you may feel shock and disbelief, which is likely to turn into denial and then anger. After your anger subsides you may feel depressed or resigned. Through it all, as humans we tend to focus on the unknown and fear of what we may not understand completely.

Take Action!

Be proactive and stay positive! Do extensive research to learn as much as possible about treatments, survivors and things people did on their path to healing! Use the internet! There are many internet of support groups for people going through the same experience as yourself; seek out help and encouragement! You may have your own ideas and experiences that can serve as encouragement for others. The ability to share stories about your diagnosis, treatment and prognosis will help you to better understand what it is you are experiencing and what life is going to entail from this point forward.

Channel Your Thoughts..

When you are home, write down your thoughts, questions, anxieties, goals and inspirations. Fortunately, with the popularity of blogging, it is easier than ever to read firsthand accounts from others about almost any disease imaginable as well as make your own blog. You can read how individuals were diagnosed and their treatment options. You can read their innermost feelings and thoughts as they go through the process of being diagnosed and being treated and you may feel a sense of friendship to these anonymous bloggers going through the same thing as you. Reading and participating in a personal journal or a public journal can make your thoughts tangible resources and serve as motivation—

Start Healing From The Inside Out!

Share & Communicate

It’s amazing that you can help others in this way. Think about what you read on a daily basis. Turn your illness into inspiration. Perhaps you read a firsthand story full of inspiration from a woman suffering cancer that wanted to be strong enough to dance with her son at his wedding or a blog from a patient that motivated you to start living a fuller, healthier lifestyle that increased your quality of life and made it possible for your body to react more quickly to your treatments. Maybe you even took at look at Heather’s story within this blog and gained an understanding of her success overcoming a rare aggressive cancer, mesothelioma. With the abundance of firsthand information on the internet these days, it is possible that you can take your negative experience and turn it into something positive for yourself and others.

Sharing your experience with others may help them in a way you'll never know. Perhaps your story will inspire another to seek better treatment, reconcile with friends or seek a second opinion that could save their life. Emotions you feel during a potentially life altering experience is probably the exact same range of emotions others are feeling. Who wouldn’t love to hear how you dealt with those experiences when they could consequently inspire them to overcome this new obstacle and continue living their life to the fullest? Communication is the key to overcoming stress and anxiety, which will improve the quality of life of the sick and make healing easier.

All thanks to you…you can inspire yourself!

All thanks to you…you can inspire others!