People who study human behavior and psychology champion the power of goals; setting goals helps to bolster strength and create optimism. In what better ways to channel hope - Work towards your goals, realize your choices, and gain a sense of personal power and control!

The How-To

Often people who feel as if there is too much they need to do to reach their goals, and then avoid setting them. Asking yourself what you’d like to do with their future may represent too much of a stretch, especially if they are not accustomed to setting goals. A better way set goals are to ask:

What are my yearly goals and what are my seasonal goals?

Once you conjure up your thoughts, make a list! Lists help formulate plans for reaching them and serve as a constant reminder. These plans should include small steps that you can work on regularly. For example, the person who has always wanted to learn how to draw can do the following steps: sign up for a drawing class, buy art supplies, practice drawing in a sketchbook and read books and study drawings. Or for many of those going through health and life challenges, maybe ones goals are focused and centered on ways to substantiate their time outside of treatment to help aid in a standard regimen and recovery processes.

Doing this breaks the goal down into manageable chunks, and for the person who has never set goals and has never felt like he could accomplish anything, this helps to keep the focus on the present.

The Why-Do

Writing down goals keeps a person focused. We all know the power of vision, and when we are tuned in and focused on a goal, obstacles that come up suddenly become easier to overlook or get passed. Focusing on the goal and the steps to obtaining those goals give a person something tangible that he or she can do and helps to assuage some of the frustration that comes from having factors that one cannot control. Ease your mind of the obstacles in life by being proactive about the things you can do to overcome them and plenty more.

You as the Goal-Setter…

Besides providing a way to obtain a wanted outcome, goals also give you as the goal-setter unparalleled optimism. According to a report on the BBC, optimism is a key component for individuals recovering from challenges. Studies have shown that when a person faces a serious issue, one of the common dangers besides the disease itself is the feeling of helplessness that often accompanies the problems.

Your emotional state is directly connected to your body and the way it functions. Looking at goals instead of the problem at hand has been proven to help boost the immune system—giving people the ability to fight off sickness and bounce back from life's set backs. Each person holds in his hands the key to wellness and wholeness, and goal-setting represent another tool that a person can use that will aid in recovery, help to obtain personal and professional fulfillment and bring optimism into everyday life.

Bounce back from your set backs!

Goal. Set. Go!