Hi Everyone, Melanie here. I just wanted to take a moment and introduce myself along with some of the work that I’ll be doing for this blog.

The Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance has kindly allowed me to join their blog contributors specializing in alternative and holistic health topics. As a person passionate about integrative healthcare and cancer treatments, to be apart of a blogging community such as this is a great opportunity to spread awareness over a larger platform. Alternative care is booming as people are learning more about the way their bodies work and respond to different therapies.  It is important for individuals to keep on top of their nutrition, exercise, and wellness of the whole person.

Topics I may write on include fitness, nutrition regimens, holistic care practices, and other areas outside traditional medicine. When I'm not writing, I enjoy dance, exercise, and am admittedly addicted to art and photography. While these topics likely won't be featured on this blog, I have a way of incorporating my love of artistic expression into my writing.

The mind, body and spirit all work together as one—by strengthening each, you place yourself on the path to healing. I have realized that an empowered patient has a better chance of fighting off illness and that one should incorporate holistic and complementary methods into traditional treatments for an excellent way to balance the combined approach of these therapies.

Stay tuned for a fresh perspectives and tangible information you can use!