Spiritual Healing

It is said that we are spiritual beings living a human existence. Therefore, it only makes sense to include spiritual healing along with your traditional western medical care when you have been diagnosed with cancer, such as mesothelioma. There are many modalities of spiritual healing. Choose the types that resonate with your personal gut feelings.


Although prayer may be the most obvious spiritual healing modality, many forget that asking for help from the prime creator should be the first step. After all, spiritual help from the source of life only makes sense. Certainly, pray for a complete healing, but realize that you are required to do your part with some introspective analysis. Set aside some time in a quiet location, where you will not be disturbed. Consider your daily life and what brings about any negative feelings or reactions. You will be looking for emotions, such as anger, frustration, stress, non-acceptance, shame. Not having the ability to forgive, yourself and others, is one of the most common negative parts of a person‘s makeup. These types of negative emotions can cause disease in your body.

Once you have identified these negative emotions and situations, ask to have them removed from you and to recycle the energy into light and love. Always be sure to send appreciation, as though the deed has already been done. Do your part to make changes, in your life that will work towards alleviating the problem. Also, keep your senses open for help and solutions that may be sent, per your request.

Energy Healing

There are many forms of energy healing. In most cases the healing is performed by another person, who has training or a natural ability. Basically, the healing is done by directing lighted energy towards the patient, which may include direction towards the physical, spiritual and emotional sources of the disease. In many cases energy healing can be done from a distance, as well as in person.

It is said by some healers that everyone has healing abilities in their hands. And, in fact, the well-known energy healing practice of reiki can be learned by anyone. Increased energy alignment is passed to the reiki student, by a reiki master, through a process call attunements. Some other energy healing modalities do not require the attunement process, but assist the student in becoming increasingly sensitive to healing energy. Reiki, and other types of similar healing practices can be used on oneself, others and others at a distance. The lighted energy used in this type of healing is said to be a universal life energy, referred to as chi, shakti or prana.

Whatever spiritual healing you choose to add to your daily routine, remember that mesothelioma is an aggressive cancer that demands a full spectrum of healing methods. Use these techniques to complement your cancer treatment and benefit from their palliative benefits.