The average age of a person diagnosed with Mesothelioma is estimated at between 78-80 years old. Accordingly, the vast majority of those diagnosed are receiving Medicare medical benefits.

Without the assistance of a private third- party insurance and/or supplement medical benefits, Medicare benefits are of the upmost importance to ensure proper medical care and treatment.

A great source of worry and anxiety over pursing an asbestos-related legal matter for those newly diagnosed relates to whether or not Medicare benefits will be lost and/or compromised as a result of a lawsuit.

Medicare's general policy as it relates to asbestos-related lawsuits is as follows:

Medicare will not assert a lien for recovery of payment, therefore, when the date of exposure to asbestos occurred before 12/5/1980. For exposure post-1980, Medicare does have the right to assert a lien for recovery of medical bills against any/all recovery in an asbestos-related lawsuit.

For example:

  1. The diagnosed retired from work as an automobile mechanic on 12/1/1980. There are no additional known exposure to asbestos after the date of retirement. No Medicare lien.
  2. The diagnosed retired from work as an automobile mechanic on 12/1/1980. On or about Jan. 1981, the diagnosed did certain home construction projects which required the removal of asbestos materials in the home. Medicare may assert a lien.

Where Medicare does assert a lien, however, certain measures may be taken by the attorney representing the diagnosed to compromise the amount of the lien repayment.

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