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Most women have days that they do not feel beautiful. Bloating, fatigue, stress, and many other factors can cause a woman to not look or feel her best. It may seem that, for a woman living with cancer, feeling beautiful is the least of her worries. However, women suffering from mesothelioma, breast cancer, or any other strain of this disease can find great joy in looking their best, no matter what their prognosis may be.

While it is true that many cancer treatments take their toll on a woman's physical appearance, she can still feel beautiful by adding to her wardrobe

According to Psychology Today, those who are in good mental health show fewer side effects from cancer treatments. The American Cancer Society has stated that some tumors may have an increased rate of growth in those who are under a great deal of stress. Women with cancer, such as that due to asbestos exposure, are at a heightened risk for psychological problems and increased stress, and for good reason. Cancer is quite possibly the most difficult trial a person can ever face, and remaining positive and optimistic after a cancer diagnosis can seem impossible.

Beautiful In Your Own Skin

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Feeling beautiful can do wonders for a woman's self esteem and stress level. Fashion is a wonderful way to make a woman feel energized and empowered in the face of a cancer prognosis, but it is not the only way for a woman to make herself look her best. Makeup can also give women a lift. Lifetime Television's Executive Producer of Public Affairs famously wrote the memoir "Why I Wore Lipstick to My Mastectomy." The book details her triumph in the face of tragedy, and how trying to look her best even when feeling her worst helped her through the hardships of cancer. Trying different types of cosmetics can be a fun and inexpensive way for a woman to put her best face forward.

Beauty is not something that can only be accomplished through outward appearance. In order to feel beautiful on the outside, it is vital to know that you are beautiful on the inside. When cancer strikes, it may seem impossible to keep your head held high. Knowing how special and unique you are on the inside, no matter how the disease has ravaged your outward appearance, will let the world know how truly beautiful you are.