Women who are dealing with cancer often stress over their physical appearance. Radiation and chemotherapy can leave a woman feeling emotionally shattered and physically unattractive. For many female cancer patients, the right products and beauty treatments can make a dramatic difference in their own self-image. By concentrating on how to change her outward appearance, a woman with cancer may regain her lost confidence.

The chemicals used in chemotherapy often drain the skin of its healthy hue. Redness or blotches may form on the face, neck and extremities. Skin may also become pale, dry or irritated. Radiation adversely affects the skin as well. Many women with cancer, including those with mesothelioma complain of sensitive skin that appears dull and lifeless. Makeup and beauty regimens can camouflage many of the issues associated with this illness.

Women with cancer can use various types of makeup to fight the unwelcome visual changes that may occur. Eye creams and concealers diminish and hide dark circles or puffiness. Moisturizing foundation can hydrate the skin, brighten the overall tone and add color to an otherwise pallid complexion. Even the right shade of blush or eye shadow can give a woman’s face the healthy glow she may be missing.

It is essential that a woman with cancer use only the best beauty products. Skin becomes extremely sensitive during cancer treatment, and many products may irritate it further. Organic or mineral makeups are ideal for this situation because of their natural, nourishing properties. Additionally, using organic beauty products limits the amount of exposure to toxins. This is particularly important for a woman who is already battling illness within.


Females diagnosed with mesothelioma or other cancers can greatly improve their life views. Coping with cancer is stressful enough to accept without the added worries about aesthetics. A women who uses positive self-image as a form of therapy may receive a more encouraging outlook from her doctor. Feeling beautiful on the outside provides inner emotional healing, which is an essential step in fighting cancer.

Although a female cancer patients may improve her physical appearance with the use of makeup, every woman should understand that real loveliness comes from inside. The use of makeup or beauty products may simply empower a woman enough to enrich her mental wellbeing. Feeling physically attractive is the springboard to feeling powerful, strong and in control. This is why a beauty program can play an important role in the war on cancer.