We may be cruising toward the middle of January, but it’s not too late to create some healthy goals for 2013 to help better you. Embracing change and going through this year with a positive attitude can make 2013 one of your biggest years yet! Here are 6 ways to help you flourish and grow over the next 12 months.

  1. Rest Up

    Before you can make any changes this year, you need to get some rest. Good sleep is a necessity for thinking clearly, being productive and, most importantly, healing so take advantage of any chances to catch up on your sleep!

  2. Learn From the Past

    Take some time to reflect upon the last year and think about your experiences. What do you want to repeat this year? Also, what do you want to do less of? If your last year was spent being depressed, make goals focused on your happiness, like reconnecting with old friends or starting a new, fun hobby, to help make this year’s goal be the happiest you can be.

  3. Make Long-Term Changes

    Shot-term goals are great, but it is also important to make long-term changes. If your short-term goal is to lose weight, take the next step and make a long-term goal of eating healthier and exercising regularly.

  4. Think Holistically

    Reaching your maximum potential this year depends on looking at the entire picture. Examine every area of your life including your career, spirituality, physical activity, personal relationships and even your hobbies. Creating goals around every area will help you be the best you!

  5. Write It All Down

    Short-term, long-term, personal, or career-related – write your goals down somewhere! It may be on your fridge to look at every day or in a journal just for your eyes; either way, solidify your goals on paper.

  6. Envision 2013

    Spend time thinking about what you want this year to be. Creating a roadmap in your head, or even on paper, about where you want to go this year and what you want to accomplish helps to make your goals more powerful. Envisioning this roadmap in detail allows you to start heading in the right direction for 2013.

There are many more ways to bring positive change to your life in 2013. If you have any great tips or want to share you resolutions, tell our community!