CT Scan in Hospital Lab

As people are living longer, a larger percentage of the population is developing cancer, with more than 1.6 million people being diagnosed each year, according to the American Cancer Society. Part of the effect of this is that more people than ever are in need of access to specialized cancer care.

Given the recently increasing demand, new cancer centers have started to pop up all across the country, and even worldwide. These new centers are not just appearing in large urban areas, but also in smaller “micropolitan” areas – such as the $10 million Armes Family Cancer Center that opened earlier this month in the small Northwestern Ohio city of Findlay.

These new centers are designed as a way to hopefully bring state-of-the art, quality cancer treatments and research closer to more people affected by this deadly disease.

Concerns about New Cancer Centers

Although the cancer center boom will increase access to care, some people are concerned about the quality of care that will accompany these new establishments. Given the expansion of this section of the healthcare market, there are only so many doctors who have a deep level of experience with treating certain forms of cancer.

This may be especially true with rare cancers like mesothelioma. There are only a handful of experts in the world who an in-depth knowledge about the disease, such as Dr. David J. Sugarbaker, who leads the Lung Institute at Baylor College of Medicine.

Potential for New Cancer Centers

Nonetheless, there is a lot of potential for all of the new cancer centers that have been appearing lately. For one thing, even if it takes some time to develop expertise across all of these new centers being established, it still brings a focused level of care to people who otherwise would not have access.

It also opens more opportunities to collect and analyze data. For example, more cancer centers means potentially more ways for patients, doctors, and researchers to participate in and benefit from the Collaborative Cancer Cloud, or other similar endeavors that can help further the research and treatment of cancer.

At any rate, as more and more people continue to develop cancer, there is going to be an ever-growing need for more cancer centers and other facilities to treat the deadly disease. With the increasing focus on health care availability and costs, it’s good to keep an eye on developments like these as they occur.