We are incredibly lucky to have such an active, supportive & selfless social media community dedicated to increasing awareness of cancer and the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance (MCA). The MCA Advocate of the Month Program was created with the intention of rewarding our most active community members with highly publicized recognition (not to mention some great prizes!) and incentivizing those who may be new to our community to become involved & assist in raising cancer awareness! Together, WE REFUSE DEFEAT!

How Do I Become Advocate of the Month?

  • Share our content more than the average fan
  • Participate in discussions on our page, and provide supportive feedback to our community members!
  • Tell your FB friends & Twitter Followers why they should be involved in our community!
  • If you’re a blogger, write a blog article about why you want to be our Advocate of the Month, and send it to us!
  • Send us a short video or email me at ewalsh@mesothelioma.com to tell us why YOU should be Advocate of the Month. Tell us what you would do if you were chosen. Be creative. IMPRESS US!

What are my responsibilities as Advocate of the Month?

Here are just a FEW of the ways you can help be the BEST Advocate:

  • Share the MCA’s tweets & FB posts
  • Tweet to celebrities & influential twitter users to follow @CancerAlliance and ‘like’ our Facebook Page!
  • Spread our message to as many people as possible—blogs, twitter followers, FB friends, etc.
  • Write a blog post about the MCA for your site, or someone else’s if they’ll let you. Tell the world why you were compelled to become our Advocate of the Month!

What Will I Receive as Advocate of the Month?

Here’s the best part! You will receive an AWESOME gift package that includes the following:

  • MCA Advocate of the Month T-shirt
  • Livestrong Items
  • MCA REFUSING DEFEAT coffee mug
  • Choose one of the following LIVESTRONG Items:
    • Duffel Bag
    • Hat & Gloves Set
    • Hoodie
    • Blanket
  • A feature article on the MCA Blog about YOU! We’ll also share your story with our online community of over 65,000 people!