The VFW Chuck Cain Post 7670 in Hamilton, Ohio will hold an event for vets called “Operation Information” this Sunday, April 18th, from 10 AM until 4 PM.

The focus of the event, according to Terri Ruggerie, a VA Medical Center Program Specialist from Cincinnati, is to provide veterans with information about health care services.

Ruggerie operates a VA Mobile Health Unit, and describes how she will interact with veterans at the upcoming event.

“We talk to the veteran, find out if they’re eligible for health care…if they’re eligible we get them enrolled,” she told the Middletown Journal.

Veterans will have access to several local organizations and will be able to watch presentations about the various services available to them. Chris Haynes, a Desert Storm veteran and organizer of the event, understands that many of his fellow vets are intimidated by the VA health care enrollment process.

“If we bring everything to them it’s a lot easier for them,” he said. All vets need to bring with them in order to register for VA health services is a DD214 form, which verifies the individual’s service. Besides enrolling in health care, there are a number of other opportunities for those in attendance.

For example, female vets can learn about a new VA program called ‘She Served,’ and a wonderful program known as ‘Vet2Vet’which places Vietnam veteran mentors with vets from the Afghanistan and Iraq wars.

“They can discuss each others’ conflict,” said Haynes. It is important, he believes, to connect vets of these three conflicts with one another as the majority have and will serve multiple tours during their service.

More information about Sunday’s event, and other events at the Chuck Cain Post, can be found on their website.