American Legion

As the largest veterans organization, the American Legion not only supports veterans but the community. Believing that any great change starts in the neighborhoods of veterans, the American Legion supports veterans and their families, provides academic scholarships and promotes patriotism among the younger population.

Disabled American Veterans

The DAV’s mission is to promote the needs and interests of our disabled veterans in the community and at the governmental level. Similarly to the American Legion, DAV provides “grass-roots” assistance to disabled veterans including rides to their medical appointments.

Also, the DAV is a strong advocate for disabled veterans’ interests in politics, ensuring that our political leaders draft supportive legislation.

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America

As the first veterans’ organization devoted to the interests’ of veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts, the IAVA aims to provide help and guidance to veterans immediately returning. Further, the IAVA strives to remain a relevant and positive support system for these veterans for their lives.

Primarily, the IAVA’s mission is to provide support in health, education, employment and community issues.

National Coalition for Homeless Veterans

The NCHV is the leading non-profit organization and largest resource for homeless veterans and their families. Unfortunately, homelessness among veterans is a growing and devastating issue affecting many veterans.

Not only does NCHV provide resources for homeless veterans, the organization works directly with other veterans’ groups, government departments and key decision makers to address and solve this problem.

National Veterans Foundation

Founded during the Vietnam War, the NVF provides a toll free hotline for veterans and their families. Though the NVF has evolved in their outreach and services, the primary mission is to provide support services for veterans suffering from emotional and psychological issues. With the toll free hotline, the NVF connects veterans to the right resources.

Wounded Warrior Project

The Wounded Warrior Project developed from injured veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. Since its inception, the Wounded Warrior Project evolved into a comprehensive resource for rehabilitation, empowerment and awareness. The Wounded Warrior Project helps veterans suffering from all types of injuries sustained while on the battlefield.

Veterans of Foreign Wars

Possibly one of the oldest veterans service organizations, the VFW’s first mission was to help veterans receive medical care, but later had a hand at establishing the United States Department of Veterans Affairs.

Among their other impressive works, the VFW advocated on behalf of veterans and helped create the GI Bill and the national veterans cemetery system. Further, the VFW is a strong advocate for those veterans with Gulf Wary Syndrome and extending GI Bill benefits to cover active duty service members.