There’s an entire world online for veterans to be a part of. From discussion groups and forums to social networking sites specifically created for veterans of different combat situations and branches.

Find support, advice and resources for you and your family. Connect with other veterans from all branches and wars. Share stories, experiences and information.

Sometimes its better to talk with someone that’s going through what you’re going through even if they’re thousands of miles away.

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America

A highly respected organization, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America connects veterans to each other through their veterans’ only social networking site. IAVA’s online community also provides resources for veterans on mental health, financial and legal assistance and employment.

Veterans’ Children Online Community

Dedicated to providing support to children of veterans from earlier wars – World War II, Korean War and Vietnam War – the Veterans’ Children Online Community is a place to share stories and experiences as children of these veterans. The Veterans’ Children Online Community is a forum where these now adult children learn what their parents went through and how to cope together as a family.

Navy Veterans – A Social Network for Navy Veterans of the United States of America

Navy Veterans can connect through their personal Twitter, Facebook, Google or Yahoo! accounts to thousands of other navy veterans. Further, the social network posts news relevant to navy vets including health reports, what’s going on in today’s navy and recent medal awards. Navy vets may also post personal photos and learn about upcoming reunion events in their area.

Marine Corps – USMC Community

Marine Corps – USMC Community is a site “designed for Marines, by Marines” to link veterans and active duty members together. Gathering the most relevant information for Marine veterans, it’s a place where Marines share stories, participate in forums and post blogs and stories.

Coast Guard Combat Veterans Association

As a non-profit organization, the Coast Guard Combat Veterans Association provides scholarships, support and resources. Members connect through forums, where stories, experiences and advice are shared.

Social Media Networking Sites

Today’s veterans are far more connected online and technologically advanced than any other generation. Veterans from all combat and peacetime situations, as well as, active duty service members connect through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Further, social media networking sites are the fastest growing way for veterans to join together. More veterans are joining social media sites today than other online veterans communities for its ease and simplicity.

Veterans don’t need to be a member of a veterans group in order to participate on these social media sites.

· Navy Veterans Facebook

· Navy Veterans on Twitter (@NavyVets)

· Proud US Army Veterans Facebook

· Transitioning Veterans Facebook

· United States Air Force Veterans LinkedIn

· United States Department of Veterans Affairs Facebook

· Veterans For America Facebook

· Disabled American Veterans Facebook

· Vets Helping Vets Facebook