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Barbara O'Brien

Barbara O'Brien

Political and Social Issues Advocate

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After a long career in scholarly publishing, Barbara turned to writing about the political and social issues that concern her. These issues center on the well-being of regular people, whose needs are too often ignored. These needs include safe workplaces, affordable health care, and the right to seek justice in court.

Asbestos victims are at the center of these concerns. Asbestos exposure nearly always occurs in unsafe workplaces, although sometimes whole communities are contaminated by the toxic mineral. At the same time, industrial associations, corporations, and politicians have successfully campaigned to stop asbestos victims and other injured people from seeking damages in court.

Access to health care is a huge concern for all of us. Is Medicare really going bankrupt? Will proposed changes save Medicare or kill it? What will the Affordable Care Act do to my health care? Barbara is dedicated to exploring these issues and explaining them clearly. Her work has appeared on many websites, including The Guardian’s Comment Is Free site and Alternet.

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