Advocate of the Month – May 2012 logo

The Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance would like to take a moment to thank Laura Huff, the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance Advocate of the Month for May. Laura has been a big contributor on our social community by offering support and words of wisdom to others affected by cancer. Below is an interview with Laura about how Mesothelioma affected and changed her way of life and why she continues to spread the message of MCA.

MCA: Has cancer affected you in some way? If so, in what way? Tell us about your experience.

Laura: My mother was diagnosed with mesothelioma in August of 1999 here in Indiana. At the time, her diagnosis was fairly new and, at first, a mystery for several months. When we finally got the confirmed diagnosis of mesothelioma, my mother was very ill. My sister did some research on mesothelioma and upon finding Brigham and Woman’s Hospital in Boston we decided to take her there. At the time, it was experimental surgery to have her diaphragm and the effected lung removed but we waited for more funding while my mom became sicker and sicker. My mother ended up on life support so we all agreed to bring her home. Surgery wasn’t going to be the best option for her—three days later she passed away peacefully.

MCA: How has this shaped you as the person you are today?

Laura: My mom raised me to be a compassionate individual and instilled in me the importance of helping others. I just want to help educate others so we can get this disease under control. This horrific disease has affected my whole family, and unfortunately we all still live with the daily pain of our mother not being with us.

MCA: If you were affected by cancer, what are the two biggest things you learned through this experience?

Laura: It has truly been an honor to be picked as the advocate for the month of May. I hope I have touched, at the least, one person with my story and have educated others. I’ve enjoyed reading all of the comments and learning your stories as well. I think that I have gained what I hope to be long time friends.

MCA: Is there anything else you would like to say to the MCA community?

Laura: God bless to you all!