Advocate of the Month – December 2012 logo

The Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance would like to take a moment to thank Diana Davey, the Advocate of the Month for December. Diana has been incredibly active and visible in our Facebook community and continues to help spread the message of the MCA, while lending her support and knowledge to others affected by cancer. Below is an interview with Diana about how Mesothelioma affected her way of life and why she continues to spread the message of MCA.

MCA: Has cancer affected you in some way? If so, in what way? Tell us about your experience.

Diana Davey: After having lost the love of my life, Fred, to mesothelioma, a couple of years later I also lost another very close person to me to terminal cancer; the father of one of my children. I had not seen him for about 17 years but was at his bedside along with his family when he died. Dealing with cancer first hand has really made me realize what a horrendous disease cancer really is and how drastically it can affect families. It doesn’t choose– rich or poor, black or white, or whatever your religion is, it can affect anyone.

MCA: How has this shaped you as the person you are today?

Diana: The only way that I can say it has shaped me into the person I am today is that I now try to persuade ANYONE who smokes to stop immediately. I will talk constantly to anybody who is prepared to listen about the dangers. And about how hard it is to watch someone you love so dearly slowly die in front of your very eyes from cancer.

MCA: If you were affected by cancer, what are the two biggest things you learned through this experience?

Diana: The two biggest things that I’ve learned from dealing with cancer first-hand are to NEVER ever take life, your partner, or close friends for granted. Live EVERY day of your life as though it were your last because you never know what tomorrow might bring. Also, never let your loved ones/partners go off for the day on bad terms or without a hug and/or kiss. Say, “I love you” frequently, because it might just be too late tomorrow!

MCA: What was your motivation to become the MCA Advocate of the Month?

Diana: My motivation to contact this site to become the Advocate of the Month was just having read other peoples sad tales who have worked with or in close proximity to asbestos. I wanted to let people know that my poor husband was innocent in all this & picked it up as a child, just from living opposite an asbestos factory.

MCA: If you could say one thing to the world about cancer or mesothelioma specifically, what would it be?

Diana: Please, please STOP the mining of all hazardous substances and PLEASE FIND A CURE!

MCA: Is there anything else you would like to say to the MCA community?

Diana: There are no words anybody can say to console a mesothelioma sufferer or their families. My husband was so stubborn and so determined to see his son grow up and leave school. However, it wasn’t to be and he finally succumbed to defeat after 2 years. I understand there are people who are now managing to survive with this dreadful disease. If only… I wish… too late for my husband.