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Coshocton, Ohio

The City of Coshocton is the county seat of Coshocton County, Ohio. Coshocton is located at the point where the Walhonding River and the Tuscarawas River join at the Muskingum River. The current population is around 11,500. Coshocton is a city with a small-town feel, though it does have some manufacturing, and is known for its production of advertising novelties. Current employers include MFM Building Products Corporation, Smurfit-Stone Container Corporation and SanCasT metal castings company.

Coshocton was originally founded in 1802, with the name "Tuscarawa" and was officially chartered with its current name in 1811. In its early years, Coshocton was a frontier town, with farming the principal occupation. The opening of the Ohio and Erie Canal in 1824 increased trade in the region, and brought coal to power manufacturing. The late 1860s brought the railroads and a gradual increase in industry. The advertising art industry in Coshocton began in 1886 with W.W. Shaw & Company and grew to nearly a dozen firms, including The American Art Works, Tuscarora Advertising Co., Standard Advertising Co., and The Meek Company. The Beach Company, which today prints lithographed calendars, was organized in 1901 as the H.D. Beach Company, making enameled trays, rulers, paint mixers and other specialty advertising pieces. The founders of many of these companies took a philanthropic interest in the city, establishing parks, hospitals, and other public works. In 1951, rubberized glove maker, the Edmont Manufacturing Company moved to Coshocton. When the company was sold in 1966, founder Edward Montgomery and his wife Frances were instrumental in restoring Roscoe Village and preserving a piece of canal history for future generations.

Coshocton industry and history of historic preservation make asbestos exposure an ongoing concern. Workers exposed to asbestos may be at risk for mesothelioma, a cancer of the lungs. Mesothelioma cancer centers in and around Coshocton are listed at the bottom of this page. If you were diagnosed with mesothelioma in Coshocton, you may also benefit from seeking the advice of a mesothelioma lawyer.

Asbestos Exposure at Jobsites in Coshocton

The Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance has compiled information obtained from a number of sources to identify the following jobsites in Coshocton where asbestos exposure was known to have occurred. These sites are listed below.

  • American Art Works
  • Beach Enameling Company
  • Carnation Company
  • Clow Corporation
  • Columbus and Southern Ohio Electric Company
  • Coshocton Div
  • Coshocton Light and Heating Company
  • Coshocton Strawpaper Company
  • General Electric Company
  • H. D. Beach Company
  • Houston Hay Al and Sons
  • Ohio Service Company
  • Smurfit Stone Corp
  • St. Regis Paper Company
  • Standard Advertising Company
  • Stone Container Corporation
  • T. J. Hanley

Mesothelioma Cancer Centers near Coshocton, Ohio

For your convenience, we have compiled a list of mesothelioma cancer centers that are located within a 100 mile radius of Coshocton, Ohio. Please click on a cancer center link to obtain more information about the clinical programs offered, professional designations, areas of expertise and how to contact the center.

300 West 10th Avenue
Columbus, OH 43210

Distance: 64.8 miles

11100 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44106

Distance: 84.3 miles

2010 East 90th Street
Cleveland, OH 44195

Distance: 83.2 miles

667 Eastland Avenue South East
Warren, OH 44484

Distance: 87.0 miles

Mesothelioma Doctors near Coshocton, Ohio

For your convenience, we have compiled a list of mesothelioma doctors that are located within a 100 mile radius of Coshocton, Ohio. Please click on a doctor link to obtain more information about his/her background, areas of expertise, professional affiliations, and office locations.

Dr. David P. Carbone
Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center
The James–Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and Richard J. Solove Research Institute
300 West 10th Avenue
Columbus, OH 43210

Distance: 64.8 miles

Dr. Nathan Pennell
The Cleveland Clinic’s Taussig Cancer Institute
Cleveland Clinic Main Campus
9500 Euclid Avenue, Mail Code R30
Cleveland, OH 44195

Distance: 83.2 miles

Dr. James Stevenson
Cleveland Clinic/Taussig Cancer Institute
Mail Code R35
9500 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44195

Distance: 83.2 miles

Dr. Rodney J. Landreneau
Mesothelioma Specialty Care Center of UPMC Cancer Centers
5200 Centre Avenue, Suite 715
Pittsburgh, PA 15237

Distance: 97.0 miles

Filing an Asbestos Lawsuit in Coshocton, Ohio

Don’t lose your rights! If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with mesothelioma and were exposed to asbestos in Ohio, you may be entitled to compensation. You may have limited time to file a claim. If you have been diagnosed with mesothelioma and have a pathology report in hand to support that diagnosis, you are eligible for financial assistance.

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