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Asbestos Exposure in Denver, CO

The state of Colorado's capital city, Denver is not only the most populated city in the state but, with a population of over 600,000 residents, it is the 24th most-populated metropolis in the United States. Nicknamed the "Mile-High City" due to its 5,280-foot elevation, Denver lies nestled on the western border of the High Plains and east of the Rocky Mountain Front Range. Because of its prime geographical location and surprisingly sunny weather, Denver is renowned as an extremely outdoor recreation-oriented city, with many of its inhabitants flocking to the mountains for skiing, hiking or climbing outings. For those who wish to stay in town, Denver is home to numerous nationally-acclaimed art museums, and its vibrant LoDo neighborhood is chock full of clubs, bars and restaurants. LoDo, short for "Lower Downtown" Denver, is also where Coors Field resides.

Denver was initially founded in 1858 as "Denver City," a mining outpost with an economy that catered to area miners amidst the frenzy of the Pikes Peak Gold Rush. Denver City was officially incorporated on November 7, 1861, and in 1867 shortened its name to simply Denver. With a fast-growing populace, Denver grew into the second largest city west of Omaha. Due to its regional agriculture industry importance, Denver has long been known as the "Queen City of the Plains."

By the turn of the century, Denver became the central headquarters to The Colburn Automobile Company, a trailblazing Brass-Era business. In 1895, William Ainsworth started the Denver Instrument Company, and it remains in the area to this day. The telecommunications company Qwest began life as The Mountain States Telephone & Telegraph Company in 1911. The biggest producer of automobile hoses and belts, The Gates Corporation, put down its roots in South Denver in 1919. Russell Stover Candies was headquartered in Denver between 1923 and 1969, when it moved to Kansas City. The Wright & McGill Company has been located in Denver since 1925. And Frontier Airlines set up shop at Denver's erstwhile airport, Stapleton International, in 1950. The city itself now boasts the 10th most sizeable central business district in the U.S. and is sometimes called the "Wall Street of the West".

As with most major cities, Denver has no shortage of workplaces which once contained or still contain asbestos. Jobsites such as the Cherokee Power Station, Gary Williams Energy and Zuni Power Plant are just a few of the places where asbestos exposure is known to have occurred. Asbestos exposure in the workplace has been a prevalent problem in Denver - especially in power plants, where use of asbestos-containing materials is commonplace. If you believe you were exposed to asbestos in Denver, you could be at risk of developing an asbestos cancer known as mesothelioma. Mesothelioma treatment facilities in and around Denver are listed at the bottom of this page.

Asbestos Exposure at Jobsites in Denver

The Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance has compiled information obtained from a number of sources to identify the following jobsites in Denver where asbestos exposure was known to have occurred. These sites are listed below.

  • A A Cox Construction Company
  • A.F.L. Paint
  • Abex Corporation Amsco Div
  • Advanced Neon Sign
  • Air Force Finance Center
  • Air Training Base
  • Albany Hotel Annex
  • Am Beet Sugar Company
  • American Crystal Sugar Company
  • American Mang Steel Div
  • American Sheetmetal Shop
  • American Smelting and Refining Company
  • American Theatre
  • Arapahoe Power Plant
  • Arizona Marble Company
  • Armour and Company
  • Armstrong Contracting & Supply Corporation
  • Asbestos Supply
  • Asmay Refinery
  • B. H. Lichter and Company
  • Bay Petroleum Corporation
  • Bay Petroleum Refinery
  • Berkeley Presbyterian Church
  • Board of Water Commission
  • Boise Cascade Corp
  • Breach Plumbing & Heating
  • Brooks Towers
  • Brown Elementary School
  • Brown Palace Hotel
  • Bureau of Reclamation
  • C F & I Engineers, Inc.
  • C F & I Steel Company
  • C.B. & Q. Team Track
  • Case Cutter
  • Celebrity Lane
  • Central YMCA
  • Cherokee Power Station
  • Cherokee Steam Electric Station
  • Chevron Oil Company
  • Chicago, Burlington, and Quiney Railroad
  • Childrens Hospital Association
  • Cipra Air Conditioning
  • City and County Court House
  • Coffins Packing Company
  • Colo St Home For Depend and Neglected Children
  • Colo Tires and Iron Company
  • Colorado and Southern Railway Company
  • Colorado Building
  • Colorado Cold Storage Corp
  • Colorado Fuel and Iron Company
  • Colorado General Hospital
  • Colorado Ice and Cold Storage Company
  • Colorado Packing and Provision Company
  • Colorado Refinery
  • Colorado State Industrial School
  • Columbine Building
  • Columbine Laundry Company
  • Comanche Std.
  • Commanche Power Plant
  • Conaway Furnace
  • Conspeco
  • Construction Specialties Company
  • Continental Oil Refinery
  • Cosmopolitan Hotel
  • Courthouse Square Development
  • Curtis Sheetmetal
  • D. S. Grimes Son
  • Del Patrick Heating
  • Denver Auditorium
  • Denver Brick & Pipe Company
  • Denver City Cable Railway Company
  • Denver City Hall
  • Denver City Tramway Company
  • Denver Consolidated Electric Company
  • Denver Dry Goods Company
  • Denver Federal Center
  • Denver Gas and Electric Company
  • Denver Metro Sewage Company
  • Denver Missile Sites
  • Denver Municipal Airport
  • Denver Ordnance Plant
  • Denver Public Bath and Gymnasium
  • Denver Sewer Pipe and Clay Company
  • Denver Sheetmetal
  • Denver Tramway Power Company
  • Denver Us National Bank
  • Dome Investment Company
  • Douglas Jardine Sheetmetal
  • Dravo Corporation
  • Economy Mechanical Industrial
  • Ernest and Cramner Building
  • Federal Reserve Building
  • Feeney Insulation
  • Fitzsimons General Hospital
  • Fos Sheetmetal
  • Franklin Park Apts
  • Frontier Airlines
  • Gary Williams Energy
  • Gates Rubber Company
  • General Electric Company
  • General Iron Works
  • Great Western Mach Company
  • Great Western Sugar Company
  • Hendrie & Bolthoff Manufacturing and Supply Company
  • Hilton Hotel
  • Hoffman Heights
  • Holy Ghost Church
  • Home Furnaces
  • International Rubber Company
  • J D Insulations
  • Jewish Consumptives Relief Society
  • Job A Cooper
  • Johns Manville Corporation
  • Johnson Davis Power Plant
  • K&B Packing and Provision Company
  • Kindle & Angelo Sheetmetal
  • Kodak
  • La Comb Powerplant
  • Lacombe Station
  • Lauren Burt, Incorporated
  • Lindrooth Shubart and Company
  • Littleton Creamery Company
  • Longero Inc
  • Loretto Heights College
  • Lowry Air Force Base
  • M.A. Mackay Company
  • Macarthur Company
  • Martin-Marietta
  • Masonic Temple
  • May D & F
  • Mc Phee and Mcginnity Lumber Company
  • Mead & Mount Construction
  • Merriot Motel
  • Midland Savings and Loan Company Building
  • Midwest Plumbing and Heating Inc.
  • Mile High Building
  • Mine and Smelter Supply Company
  • Mobil Oil Corporation
  • Morey Mercantile Company
  • Morse Mach Company
  • Mountain Bell Telephone Building
  • Mountain States Engr.
  • Mountain States Tel. & Tel.
  • MSI Industries
  • Nallays Inc
  • National Biscuit Company
  • Nielson Plastering
  • Northeast Burnzol Company
  • Northwest Heating
  • Owens Corning Fiberglas
  • Penn Chemical Works
  • Phillip Zang and Company
  • Phillips Elementary School
  • Plateau Supply Company
  • Porter Memorial Hospital
  • Powers Ind Ins
  • Public Service Company of Colorado
  • Red Seal Inc
  • Republic Building
  • Robinson Brk & Tile
  • Rocky Mount Brewery
  • Rocky Mountain Arsenal
  • Rocky Mountain Supply
  • Roderick Garage
  • Roger Inc
  • Rush Matl Distr
  • Rutherford Plumbing & Heating
  • Sam Fox Sheetmetal
  • Sayre Newton Lumber Company
  • Schmidt Manufacturing Corp
  • Shell Chemical
  • Shell Chemical Company
  • Smith School
  • Southern Sierras Power Company
  • St. Joseph's Hospital
  • St. Luke's Hospital
  • St. Thomas Seminary
  • State Highway Dept
  • State Steam Plant
  • Stearns-Rogers Inc.
  • Stovers Candy
  • Swift & Company
  • Thermatic Heating
  • Titan Missile Sites
  • Total Refinery
  • Tower Building
  • U.S. Air Force Finance Center
  • U.S. Bureau of Reclamation
  • U.S. West Communications
  • Union Pacific Railroad Company
  • Union Power Plant
  • Union Stockyards
  • United Sheetmetal & Iron Works
  • United States Air Force
  • United States Federal Jail
  • United States National Bank Building
  • University Hosp Health Sci
  • University of Colorado
  • Utility Control & Equipment
  • Vail Association, Inc.
  • Van Genderen Sheetmetal
  • Veterans Administration Hospital
  • Watson Grant Company
  • Webb and Knapp
  • Western Chemical Manufacturing Company
  • Western Iron Mills
  • Western Packing Company
  • Western Sheetmetal
  • Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Company
  • Wheeler Sheetmetal
  • William Russell Coal Company
  • Worthington Pump & Machinery Corporation
  • Xcel Energy
  • Young Mens Christain Associtaion
  • Zang Brewing Company
  • Zuni Power Plant

Mesothelioma Cancer Centers near Denver, Colorado

For your convenience, we have compiled a list of mesothelioma cancer centers that are located within a 100 mile radius of Denver, Colorado. Please click on a cancer center link to obtain more information about the clinical programs offered, professional designations, areas of expertise and how to contact the center.

Mesothelioma Clinic
1665 Aurora Court
Aurora, CO 80045

Distance: 8.2 miles

Mesothelioma Doctors near Denver, Colorado

For your convenience, we have compiled a list of mesothelioma doctors that are located within a 100 mile radius of Denver, Colorado. Please click on a doctor link to obtain more information about his/her background, areas of expertise, professional affiliations, and office locations.

Dr. Robert C. Doebele
University of Colorado Cancer Center
Mesothelioma Clinic
1665 Aurora Court
Aurora, CO 80045

Distance: 8.2 miles

Dr. D. Ross Camidge
University of Colorado Cancer Center
Mesothelioma Clinic
1665 Aurora Court
Aurora, CO 80045

Distance: 8.2 miles

Dr. W. Thomas Purcell
University of Colorado Cancer Center
Mesothelioma Clinic
1665 Aurora Court
Aurora, CO 80045

Distance: 8.2 miles

Filing an Asbestos Lawsuit in Denver, Colorado

Don’t lose your rights! If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with mesothelioma and were exposed to asbestos in Colorado, you may be entitled to compensation. You may have limited time to file a claim. If you have been diagnosed with mesothelioma and have a pathology report in hand to support that diagnosis, you are eligible for financial assistance.

Asbestos Related News in Colorado

Denver Business Ordered to Provide Assistance to Asbestos Victims

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Former Montezuma-Cortez High School Seeks Public Input On Its Future

A Colorado high school is seeking the public's opinion on the future of its building—all four options involve removing asbestos.

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