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Preformed Pipe Wrap

Preformed Pipe Wrap

Asbestos Used In Insulating Pipes

All manners of pipes must be protected from both freezing and blisteringly hot conditions, as well as the elements of nature if they are used outdoors. This is done by wrapping them with thick insulation that will help maintain their internal temperature and keep them operating properly. The insulating products can either be cut and adjusted to fit the piping it must cover, or preformed to fit precisely over the pipes.

Asbestos was the most regularly used material to create insulation for many years because it had the ability to withstand heat and cold. Additionally, the mineral was abundant, highly economical to mine, and could even help contain fires. It not only met, but exceeded all of the requirements to be the primary ingredient for insulating goods and was soon being used for hundreds of other products as well.

Ultimately, however, asbestos was pulled from production and banned from use. This occurred following the discovery that it was a danger to the human respiratory system. Small particles of asbestos can easily break off and permeate the oxygen supply, which means that people who worked with it were subjected to inhaling it as well. Anyone who did breathe microscopic bits of the material in often developed malignant health conditions. Chief among them were asbestosis, which hampered normal breathing, and mesothelioma, a type of cancer.

Mesothelioma Treatment Options for those Exposed

The life expectancy for mesothelioma can be short as there is no cure for the disease. There are, however, some newer experimental treatment therapies available like mesothelioma immunotherapy, brachytherapy, and photo-dynamic therapy that are now available at leading mesothelioma clinics around the country. There are also new drugs available to treat this cancer including Alimta®, Navelbine and Onconase. Our mesothelioma treatment guide and mesothelioma resources section provide even more detail.

Preformed Pipe and Asbestos

A solid sheet of pipe wrap was not likely to be a hazard as long as it was not cut, sanded or torn. If those things did happen, then the toxic particles would break off and become airborne. Preformed insulation did have the advantage of not needing to be cut or manipulated to fit properly, but it was still a risk. Anyone who worked for a company that produced the pipe wrap or who spent time close to it may have been infected by the toxic substance it contained.

As more and more products were created out of asbestos, many people were negatively affected. Producers of these goods were soon being hit with a multitude of lawsuits in the form of personal injury claims. Some were forced out of business, but most requested bankruptcy protection services and were allowed to reorganize and continue operating following the creation of a trust fund to supply monetary compensation to those that had been victimized.

What To Do If You Were Exposed

Do you count yourself among the people who were harmed by products such as Preformed Pipe Wrap? Then you will benefit from reading our informative brochure. It is free of charge and contains explanations about what asbestos may have done to you and how you can file a claim for compensation. Because many of the products that contained the mineral are still in use today, people can still come into contact with asbestos and be negatively affected as a result.

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