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Paneling and Asbestos

Asbestos Panels

Paneling has been used to construct walls and ceilings for decades. Most every type of standing structure has benefitted from the use of sturdy panels that help to protect them from every type of weather condition and provide a level of noise reduction. Over the years, these important construction goods have been built out of a variety of heavy duty materials.

Asbestos was one of the primary components for panels and other construction products for decades. It is a stout mineral that is malleable enough to be shaped into most any form imaginable. In addition, it is also able to endure excessive cold or heat and even withstand fire. These properties made it among the most useful and sought after building materials during the Industrial Revolution and beyond. Many companies profited greatly from mining asbestos and selling it to the manufacturers across the nation who insisted on a steady supply of this advantageous and inexpensive commodity.

Hazards of Asbestos

For nearly a century, asbestos was found in a diverse line of products and considered by many to be somewhat of a miracle material. However, the discovery of one very serious problem eventually changed everything. Researchers realized that this beneficial mineral was also extremely toxic.

Exposure to asbestos can lead to the development of tissue scarring, respiratory diseases and cancer. Mesothelioma is an often deadly cancer that is a direct result of inhaling infinitesimal amounts of this poisonous substance. There are different mesothelioma types including peritoneal mesothelioma and pericardial mesothelioma that someone can be diagnosed with. There is no mesothelioma cure and life expectancy is not usually long after diagnosis especially if it is not caught in the early stages like stage 1 or stage 2. A solid panel made with asbestos did not present a hazard by itself, but if the panel was cut, sanded, cracked or broken apart, then small asbestos fibers can break free and invade the respiratory system of anyone who is nearby. In short, this mineral is very dangerous, and exposure to it carries a large mesothelioma risk factor.

Most manufacturers of asbestos based products stopped using the material once they realized that it was one of the main mesothelioma causes. Some decided that it would be too expensive and time consuming to stop using asbestos, and they continued to use it to the detriment of both their employees and customers. While there is no way to know for certain exactly how many people were harmed because of this condemnable practice, we do know that more mesothelioma prevention coule have been attained if companies had stopped using the mineral as soon as research proved it was a health hazard.

Panels Products Containing Asbestos

The following partial list of panels products were known to contain asbestos:

Product Name Start Year End Year
Celotex Carey Panel Board
National Gypsum Asbestibel Panel
National Gypsum Asbesto-Grid Panel
National Gypsum Asbestos Ceiling Panels
National Gypsum Exterior Foam Core Panels
National Gypsum Gold Bond Asbestone Panels
National Gypsum Gold Bond Asbestos Panels
National Gypsum Gold Bond Humiguard Asbestos Panels
National Gypsum Gold Bond Insul-Best Panels
National Gypsum Gold Bond Panels
National Gypsum Gold Bond Plasticryllic Panels
National Gypsum Gold Bond Ripple-Tone Plasticrylic Panels
National Gypsum Insul-Best Panels
National Gypsum Perforated Panel
National Gypsum Soffit Panels
National Gypsum Unperforated Panel
Quigley Panels
Union Carbide Panelboard 1939 1974
Union Carbide Panels 1939 1974
Westinghouse Panels

Legal Recourse

People who were made sick or lost loved ones because of items such as Asbestos Panels started to fight back against the manufacturers and file lawsuits with mesothelioma attorneys. In most cases, enough claims were filed that the companies had no other option but to declare bankruptcy. This usually allowed them to put together a trust fund to pay off those who were legitimately victimized by dangerous products and to continue operating while using safe materials.

Did you build or install asbestos panels, and fall ill as a result? Then you may be interested in more mesothelioma information. We offer a free informational kit that explains what steps you can take if you were harmed by this hazardous material because of a product that contained it. Request your copy today to find out more.

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