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Corrugated Paper

Asbestos in Corrugated Paper Products

Corrugated paper is a material that was most commonly used to wrap and insulate steam pipes in buildings with steam heat. Because heat and flame were a hazard in old steam-heat systems, this corrugated paper was usually made with asbestos until the about the1980s.

Corrugated paper was also used in cardboard storage boxes. The corrugation takes the form of the "fluted" cross section of the wall of the box. The fluting provides extra strength for these containers. Asbestos fiber was frequently added to the material for added strength; asbestos is, after all, a form of rock and shares the durability of other forms of stone. The resulting product was not only strong and durable, but lightweight was well.

Corrugated paper may be either lined or unlined. The "lined" variety is that which is found between smooth layers, as in the cardboard boxes described above. It is quite rigid and comes in a number of different ratings, depending on how much force is required to bend or crush it. . The "unlined" variety is the fluted layer by itself, and is very flexible, making it suitable as a padding material for delicate and fragile objects while in transit. This has been its primary use since its invention in the late 19th century.

Because it provides a great deal of tensile strength at very little cost in terms of weight, corrugated paper has also been used to make some types of furniture, including chairs and tables.

Corrugated Paper Products Containing Asbestos

The following partial list of corrugated paper products were known to contain asbestos:

Product Name Start Year End Year
Celotex Carey Corrugated Asbestos Paper
GAF Flat Corrugated Asbestos Paper 1928 1981
Johns Manville Asbestocel Corrugated Paper 1902 1931

Hazards Associated with Products

Construction workers, electricians, boilermakers, pipe fitters and those involved in shipping and delivery industries were at greatest risk for asbestos exposure, as well as those employed in the manufacture of corrugated paper products that contained asbestos.



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