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Asbestos Cord

Uses of Asbestos

Asbestos Cord

Asbestos is a strong, durable mineral that became the backbone of hundreds of industrial and construction based products. It was not only easy to work with and mold into most any shape, the mineral was also able to withstand great heat, resist fire, and strengthen any product compound it was put into. Manufacturers of insulation, rubber gaskets, cord and other items embraced asbestos as an immensely useful material, and these goods were used in homes, schools, churches, chemical plants and aluminum plants.

Although use of asbestos can be traced back to ancient Greece, it was during the time of the Industrial Revolution that it became common in the United States. By the early 1950's, it was used in wide production by manufacturers across the nation. Cord that was made out of asbestos was put in small appliances, engines and even used to wrap pipes. This cord was very strong and served its purpose well, but in many cases it would have to be cut, sanded down or ripped out of a product for replacement. Whenever this occurred, tiny particles of asbestos would be released, and they would float in the air. People who got close to the particles were likely to inhale them without even realizing it.

Dangers of Asbestos

In the late 1970's researchers discovered that asbestos was a poisonous material and one of the biggest mesothelioma risk factors. All of the fibers that were ingested by people had the ability to produce scarring of the lungs, damage to the respiratory system and cancerous diseases. Asbestos exposure is one of the best documented causes of Mesothelioma. There is no mesothelioma cure and as a result the mesothelioma life expectancy is short and there are few survivors. Because a mesothelioma prognosis is generally not favorable, the disease has claimed the lives of people all over the world.

One of the reasons it took so long for scientists to understand the dangers of asbestos is that symptoms of the illnesses it produces generally take many years to develop. It is not unusual for individuals to not know they have contracted a disease for 15 to 20 years, or even longer (i.e. there is a long mesothelioma latency period). Those who were afflicted by the toxic mineral originally would not have even known what was making them sick. Eventually, asbestos was recognized as being unsafe, and banned from use by the government. The best mesothelioma prevention is to take appropriate precautions when working with asbestos.

Asbestos Cord Products Containing Asbestos

The following partial list of asbestos cord products were known to contain asbestos:

Product Name Start Year End Year
Amatex Asbestos Cord 1950
Atlas Turner Asbestos Cord
Raymark Raybestos RM Asbestos Cord And Thread
Southern Textile Cord
Unarco Asbestos Cord

Recourse if You Were Exposed

Reputable manufacturers stopped using asbestos immediately, but there were others that continued to use it even after they realized the dangers it held. This caused even more people to be exposed and fall sick, and they eventually hired a mesothelioma attorney to file lawsuits against companies who made products like asbestos cord. Any person who came into contact with cord that contained even a small amount of asbestos was put at risk. If you believe you may have been exposed to this, or any other asbestos based product, request our brochure that discusses what you should do next. This brochure is absolutely free, and ready to be delivered to anyone who needs it.

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