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American ingenuity has led to the discovery and use of numerous natural resources for a huge variety of merchandise. From the later 1800's until the early 1970's, one of the most frequently used commodities was a fibrous mineral called asbestos. It was a tough, durable substance that was found in large natural deposits. Mining of the crystal based mineral was easy and inexpensive, which was another positive attribute that eventually led to it being used in hundreds and possibly thousands of products.

Novatex is a type of paint that is used to create textured white lines. The finished line is a brilliant white that stands out on most any surface, so the paint is utilized on tennis courts or any other setting that required distinct boundaries drawn on the ground. For many years, Novatex contained ingredients that are now known to be harmful, such as lead and asbestos.

Although it wasn't known for decades, asbestos is in fact a toxic substance. Whenever it is used, microscopic particles can break away and become airborne, where they are likely to be inhaled. People who breathe them in often develop serious respiratory conditions such as asbestosis. Most theories claim that the people who develop this illness are exposed to these particles on a regular basis, but research has proven that even a small period of exposure can result in tissue damage, and in many cases the final result can be a cancer called mesothelioma. This disease has no cure and has a low rate of survival. Mesothelioma doctors at some of the best mesothelioma cancer clinics are forced to deliver a less than favorable prognosis to most patients because the disease is incurable. They do however offer some newer treatments that can help improve quality of life like mesothelioma multi-modality therapy, brachytherapy and immunotherapy. There are also some newer drugs available including Alimta®, Gemcitabine and Navelbine. Mesothelioma remission is unlikely, however. Please browse our mesothelioma treatment guide for more information.

Workers who participated in the manufacture of Novatex, or those who applied the paint to ground surfaces likely inhaled some of the dangerous fibers. Anytime the line of paint was disturbed, trace amounts of asbestos could be broken off, posing a threat to anyone who was around. That means that any of the contaminated paint that still exists today may continue to be a hazard.

People who were affected by Novatex and the many other products that contained asbestos frequently filed personal injury claims against the manufacturers. The victims would receive monetary compensation as long as their cases were determined to be valid. If you feel you have a valid claim, and are uncertain of how to proceed, request our informative brochure. It is offered at no charge, and will help guide you through the options that may be available tor you.

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