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Aerogun Insulating Mix

Aerogun was a type of insulation created by the North American Refractories Company (NARCO) and produced between 1971 and 1979. It was a heavy duty product that contained an active ingredient which allowed it to withstand extreme temperatures, water and even fire. This ingredient was a naturally occurring material called asbestos. Throughout much of the 1900's, it was used in almost every type of insulation, as well as in scores of other products.

It may seem odd that a product that seemed to be so useful was only produced for about 8 years, but the very thing that made Aerogun a great type of insulation mix also proved to be its downfall. During the 1970's, most every item that contained asbestos ceased production following the discovery that the mineral was one of the major mesothelioma risk factors. Although it is a very solid material, asbestos is composed of tiny fibers and they can break apart, especially as the products they are found in age and become brittle and fragile. People often breathe in these fibers without even knowing it, and they can slowly but surely produce respiratory problems, tissue damage and several types of mesothelioma cancer including peritoneal mesothelioma and pericardial mesothelioma.

Mesothelioma is the most serious cancerous disease and the causes of mesothelioma are pretty much limited to asbestos exposure. Because there is no mesothelioma cure, it often claims the lives of its victims. Many people have become seriously ill, and others have lost loved ones who were exposed to asbestos. In response, the people who were affected have often rallied together to work with mesothelioma attorneys to pursue lawsuits against the companies that produced products containing this deadly toxin. Symptoms of these diseases often take more than 15 or 20 years (i.e. there is a long mesothelioma latency period) to become noticeable, so even though Aerogun was discontinued in 1979, there still may be people who have been hurt by it that do not realize what the root of their health problems actually is. Cases of Mesothelioma have become more prominent in recent times, and a steady flow of claims continue to be filed against manufacturers of products like Aerogun insulation.

People who were exposed to asbestos may be interested in more mesothelioma information. We are here to help answer any questions and steer you in the right directions. Please request a copy of our information packet that will help you understand what your options may be if you have been affected by Aerogun Insulating Mix or similar products. This brochure is free of charge, so please contact us today.

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