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Titan Steel Corporation

Baltimore, Maryland is the headquarters of an international steel manufacturer and trader known as the Titan Steel Corporation. Titan Steel was founded in 1946 and has grown rapidly to become one of the largest steel plate and tin mill distributors in the world.

With the amount of success the Titan Steel Corporation was having, the company needed to hire more employees to keep up with their ever increasing demands. As new people were brought in, they were exposed to the intense world of steel manufacturing. Unfortunately, that was not all they were exposed to. Workers were also subjected to breathing in asbestos dust.

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that was once used to create hundreds of different products. One of the first and most common goods that benefited from asbestos was insulation. Because the mineral is strong, able to withstand immense heat and a natural fire retardant, it was ideal as an insulating material that was utilized to keep large machinery operating at a steady temperature. While the equipment was in use, small bits of the insulation would break loose, allowing dust particles that contained asbestos to get into the air. Once the dust was airborne, everyone around was likely to inhale it without their knowledge. Even if they had been aware that they were ingesting the dust, they might not have been too concerned, because prior to the late 1970's most people did not know asbestos is a poison.

Due to its toxic nature, asbestos dust can be very damaging to the respiratory system when people breathe it in. The damage generally takes more than a decade to become noticeable, but the mineral will slowly destroy healthy tissue and bring about respiratory disorders that make normal breathing difficult and painful, and various types of cancer. Among the cancerous diseases this hazardous substance produces is mesothelioma, a well known illness that has claimed the lives of so many people who worked at facilities like this Baltimore based steel mill.

Did you or anyone you know work at Titan Steel? If so, they you may have been exposed to toxic asbestos dust. Contact your healthcare provider right away and let them know of this risk. Although the mesothelioma survival rate is known to be discouraging, early diagnosis and treatments such as mesothelioma radiation may help improve the prognosis for this cancer.

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