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LTV Steel

In 1947 the owners of a small company managed to purchase several other businesses and create a new organization that would be known as LTV Steel. The company was based in Ohio, but also owned several other facilities in different states.

It wasn't long before LTV Steel was a very prosperous business that supplied steel products to the automotive, construction and agricultural industries. The skilled laborers who worked at their steel mills went to work each day knowing that they would face certain difficulties that came from doing manual labor at an industrial work site, but not knowing that they were being exposed to a hazardous material while on the job. Each day they spent at the mill they worked in close proximity to products that contained a toxic substance.

Asbestos is a mineral that is found in large natural deposits. It was discovered in American during the late 1800's and quickly recognized for having many beneficial traits. The mineral is strong, pliable, possesses the ability to withstand intense heat, and is a natural fire retardant. Unfortunately, it is also toxic and a serious threat to the health of anyone who gets too close. People who worked at LTV Steel were subjected to breathing in tiny bits of asbestos dust that were too small to be seen by the human eye. The hazardous dust would then settle in the worker's respiratory system and become a seriously damaging force. As the fibers irritated internal tissue, it would damage healthy cells, cause breathing disorders and often result in mesothelioma cancer. Many of the health problems asbestos exposure causes, such as asbestosis and mesothelioma, have no cure.

For years everyone who worked at LTV Steel spent time around this hazardous material. People who formerly worked for the company are urged to be checked out by a medical professional, because the symptoms asbestos cancer often take many years to become apparent. The company no longer exists today, after declaring bankruptcy it was shut down permanently in 2001.

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