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Vancouver Shipyard

Vancouver Shipyard

Created in 1902, the Vancouver Shipyards was moved to the North Shore of Burrard Inlet in North Vancouver in 1968. It has always offered high performance in building, designing and repairing sea vessels. It is the most prominent ship maintenance and construction facility on the Canadian Pacific Coast. During World War II, the Vancouver Shipyard built about one ship per week to aid the war effort.

During World War II, this yard managed to keep approximately one hundred thousand workers in its employ. Approximately ten thousand of these workers were female. This boosted not only the economy in the area, but caused the local population to boom. In 1943, they launched the Alazon Bay, their first escort aircraft carrier. The carrier was christened by none other than Eleanor Roosevelt herself. Immediately following this release, the yard followed this by constructing about fifty similar escort carriers. During World War II, the company churned out over 140 ships plus two drydocks. The Vancouver Shipyard was known its ability to build vessels quickly. They were able to construct a ship in as little as ten days. Although it has been closed for many years, the yard is still handling claims and paying compensation to former employees who have faced exposure to asbestos.

The Shipyard was highly equipped to handle many types of repairs. They were capable of lifting a twelve-hundred ton vessel from the water to facilitate underwater maintenance. They also maintained a fabrication shop, a steel forming shop, and a paint shop. As one of seven Kaiser shipyards (named for founder Henry Kaiser), the Vancouver Shipyard was designed to construct ships for the American Navy. During World War II, Kaiser constructed almost fifteen hundred vessels. However Henry Kaiser was a man of all trades. His many businesses produced many things from roads and automobiles to metals and hospitals. After World War II, he created Kaiser Permanente which became the most massive health maintenance corporation in America. If you would like to visit this non-working shipyard today, you can find a viewing tower near the site.

Vancouver Shipyard in Vancouver Washington was one additional place where asbestos was used widely. Those ships that were laid down were all built with the fire resistant substance. Those who toiled long hours were undoubtedly exposed and could develop health conditions including mesothelioma. If you or a loved one was exposed to asbestos at Vancouver Shipyard submit your information via our form to learn about mesothelioma treatment options and financial compensation.

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