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Seward Ships

Seward Ships

Seward Ship's Drydock was established in 1973 as a service center to repair marine vessels used for fishing. Due to increased demand for services, it was forced to move to the current home for Seward Ship's Chandlery in the Leirer Industrial Park. A 300 ton marine railway facility was leased and rebuilt at Lowell Point in 1979. It operated until 1985. After that point in time, Seward Ship's began drydocking and servicing vessels at the Seward Marine Industrial Center instead, utilizing a new 5,000 ton Syncro-Lift.

Seward Ship's leased two more acres at the Seward Marine Industrial Center beginning in 1988, the present site of Seward Ship's Drydock, Inc. operations. The operation has since expanded to an eleven acre full service shipyard with over two thousand square feet of covered work area and buildings. Construction for further expansion is currently underway.

Seward Ship's Drydock is now a full service shipyard. It services everything from "rowboats to oil tankers." A covered work station capable of totally covering a 200 foot vessel is being built! With this latest addition, even the harshest Alaskan weather won't ever be a factor in ship servicing or repair.

Unfortunately, those who worked at Seward Ship’s Drydock may have been exposed to asbestos which is known to cause mesothelioma. This cancer has no known cure and as a result those diagnosed usually receive a poor prognosis which is why there is a low survival rate for the disease. There are different mesothelioma cell types including papillary mesothelioma and sarcomatoid mesothelioma. Treatment may vary slightly but commonly involves chemotherapy with Alimta®, Onconase or Navelbine and/or surgery with extrapleural pneumonectomy, pleurocentesis or pleurodesis. Our mesothelioma treatment guide provides much more information about available treatment options at leading mesothelioma cancer centers.

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