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Naval Station Pascagoula

Naval Station Pascagoula - Pascagoula, Mississippi

With a single pier extending from the north side of Singing River Island, the Port of Pascagoula is able to accommodate numerous large and small ship repairs. The site, located in Pascagoula, Mississippi, on the mainland side of the Mississippi Sound, in the northwest portion of the Gulf of Mexico, has a graving dock, various cranes with up to 60-ton capacities, tugs and outfitter piers. The facilities also include the Ingalls Shipbuilding Corporation's floating drydock with a depth of 41 feet over the keel blocks, a lifting capacity of 38,000 tons, and the ability to handle vessels up to 820 feet long and 170 feet wide.

The station's pier, designed with two levels, is 680 feet long and 80 feet wide. There is also additional mooring space for smaller ships available at the quays along the shore at the south end of the pier.

The Gulf can be accessed via the Horn Island Pass Channel, a 350-ft wide channel that becomes the Pascagoula Channel at approximately nine miles from the station. Naval station Pascagoula is always at risk for Hurricanes, and in the past, these giant storms have caused massive damage and have caused operations to shut down for both long and short periods of time.



Naval Station Pascagoula

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