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Naval Amphibious Base Little Creek

Naval Amphibious Base Little Creek

Residing in Virginia Beach, the Naval Amphibious Base, Little Creek is a highly important base for the Amphibious Forces for the United States Navy's Atlantic Fleet. This huge compound is made up of four locations over about twelve thousand acres. The Naval Amphibious Base was established to offer support to Navy personnel activities. This site provides training support for amphibious teams, which makes it one of a kind in both America and Allied Navies. It is the biggest facility of this type in the world.

The site for this base was discovered in 1942. With the onset of World War II, the Navy realized that the ability to launch massive amounts of American soldiers on foreign beaches would be a necessity. They knew that this would be pose many challenges and that new ideas would be needed to make this possible. This base, on the banks of Little Creek, provided the opportunity to allow troops to train for this situation. It allowed them to prepare for the difficult maneuvers required in an amphibious attack on foreign shores. Preparation for these situations meant the base needed innovative thinking and brank new ideas. Eventually, the area started to look like a naval base.

After a mere few months of training, the soldiers were prepared. Approximately one hundred and sixty thousand Army and Marine Corps as well as two hundred thousand naval personnel learned new techniques at this base - a base that was mainly swamp and farmland. After the war, the original need for this base diminished. But the excellent location and facility led to the area becoming a permanent base in 1946.

Anyone who worked at the Naval Amphibious Base undoubtedly worked with asbestos. Used for its durability and heat resistant properties, it put all those in its path at risk. Asbestos, when inhaled can become lodged in the lungs and result in asbestosis or mesothelioma. Those who were exposed to asbestos at this location should fill out the form to learn of their legal and medical options.

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