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Duwamish Shipyard

Duwamish Shipyard

Located in Seattle, Washington, the Duwamish Shipyard closed down on April 1st, 2007. At the time of closing, president Dave Larsen and his brother Carl Larsen (vice president) were both retiring. In 1939, their grandfather, Aksel Larsen, founded the shipyard. The yard's main focus was in repairing and modernizing work ships, such as barges, fishing boats, and tugboats.

The shipyard serviced nearly all types of sea vessels. They offered many different services involved in cleaning and renovating, such as carpentry, grit blasting, machine and electric work, pressure washing and pipe fitting. The Larsen brothers were known for their quality and reliable work at a fair price. At the high point of its industry, the shipyard employed about 200 people. At the time of its closing, they had approximately thirty employees.

Unfortunately, this shipyard has encountered controversy when it was accused of dumping toxic waste into the Duwamish River. In February of 2007, it was added to the state's list of shipyard sites that required cleanup from toxic waste dumping. Shipyard workers should be educated about the range of hazardous materials to which they are exposed in their line of work. Many of these workers don't discover that they have been dangerously exposed until long after they have moved on or retired.

Those who worked at the Duwamish Shipyard may have been exposed to asbestos. Asbestos products were common in vessel construction and many shipyard employees have been exposed. Exposure has been conclusively linked to the deadly and aggressive cancer mesothelioma, known only to be caused by asbestos. Those exposed may be eligible for treatment options if the cancer is discovered early enough. They may also be eligible for financial compensation. Fill out the form on this page to receive more information about mesothelioma treatment and legal options.

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