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Detyen's Shipyards, Inc.

Detyen's Shipyards, Inc. - Charleston, South Carolina

William Detyen founded Detyen's Shipyards (DSI) in 1962. Located on the Wando River in Mt. Pleasant, SC, Detyen's shipyard serviced both naval and commercial vessels for over 30 years. This yard had always been closely associated with Charleston Navy Yard, and the CNCRA awarded the lease of the three major docks and associated support buildings at Charleston to Detyen's after the Cold War. Detyen's expanded its operations into the Charleston facility in 1996.

Charleston Navy Yard docked its first ship at its newly built drydock in 1909. The yard is located in an area north of the city on the Cooper River. The yard played an important role in both World Wars, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. During these wars, the yard constructed, converted, and repaired hundreds of Navy ships, but by the 1960s, the yard had been turned into a repair facility for nuclear submarines.

The Charleston Navy Yard was turned over to the CNCRA (Charleston Naval Complete Redevelopment Authority) at the end of the Cold War due to U.S. military downsizing. Since the yard was awarded to Detyen's, the company has increased its work force at the new yard to 800 from 200. Today the yard doesn't just service U.S. Naval ships; it works with navies from around the world.

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