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Bloodworth Bond Shipyard

Bloodworth Bond Shipyard - Texas

Now owned by the Bollinger Company, the Bloodworth Bond Shipyards are located in Houston and Texas City, Texas and both locations have long been involved in the vessel repair business. The shipyards are home to several dry docks and possess the proper equipment to handle repairs on ships of a variety of sizes.

Texas is a prolific location for shipyards thanks to its proximity to the water, specifically the Gulf of Mexico. Some Texas shipyards were constructed during World War II for the war effort but many cater to the barges and other ships used by the oil industry.

Bloodworth Bond Shipyards has, over the years, employed thousands of workers whose expertise is in the repair of ships. Tradesman employed at Bloodworth Bond include insulators, steam and pipe fitters, plumbers, electricians, boilermakers, and others involved in various aspects of ship repair. These individuals often work in small, difficult-to-reach places and, on many occasions, encounter all sorts of work-related hazards.

One of these hazards is asbestos. Though most forms of asbestos were not used after approximately 1980, Bloodworth Bond employees who are charged with the task of repairing old vessels may indeed still encounter dangerous asbestos. Though employees now wear proper protective gear when dealing with the toxic mineral, for decades shipyard workers toiled around asbestos without wearing any sort of protective masks.

This laissez-faire attitude towards asbestos resulted in the death of many shipyard workers and the sickening of many others who are now suffering with debilitating illnesses such as asbestosis and pleural plaques. Even a number of loved ones of these shipyard workers have developed asbestos cancers due to secondhand exposure.

Sadly, evidence found in the last few decades indicates that many shipyards owners and managers may have known just how dangerous asbestos was but allowed their employees to keep working with the mineral, even when reasonable alternatives were available. Because of this cover-up, some shipyard workers, including those at Bloodworth Bond Shipyards, have been able to obtain compensation for their suffering.

If you worked at Bloodworth Bond Shipyard and have developed mesothelioma, you may be eligible for compensation as well. For more information, order our free mesothelioma packet, which has the answer to many of your mesothelioma-related questions.

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