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Pacor Co.

The Pacor Company was formed in 1921 in Philadelphia. At the beginning, the company was an industrial contractor that provided insulation materials to other businesses. These products were highly sought after, and considered to be very effective. One of the main reasons they were so prized was their key ingredient, a naturally occurring material called asbestos.

Soon after the initial discovery of asbestos, the mineral was put to use in many different products, especially those which needed to be resilient to extreme temperatures. Asbestos is a very pliable material that was highly suited for excessive heat or cold, and even resistant to fire. It is made up of tiny fibers, which can break apart and float in the air, unseen by the human eye. People who are around these fibers may ingest them without even realizing it.

Once a person has taken in any amount of asbestos dust or fibers, they are at risk of developing respiratory illnesses or cancerous diseases, most often mesothelioma which can be life threatening. These conditions may take years to become noticeable (i.e. they have a long latency period), so any person who has been exposed to asbestos is urged to request a check up from their healthcare provider. There are several top mesothelioma cancer clinics around the country that offer quality care.

While there is no cure, there have been advancements made in the treatment of the cancer. Chemotherapy with Alimta®, Onconase and Navelbine is often used. Surgical options involving extrapleural pneumonectomy and mesothelioma pneumonectomy are also employed. Our mesothelioma resources page and mesothelioma treatment guide provide much more information and avenues for support. Thousands of people who worked in areas where products produced by Pacor were in use have stated that they were made sick because of them. They have filed personal injury claims against the company, and millions have been paid out to these victims.

Like so many other companies that produced items that contained asbestos, Pacor was faced with filing for bankruptcy. To deal with the multiple lawsuits, they hired the services of the Claims Resolution Management Corporation (CRMC). The CRMC helped to set up the Pacor Settlement Trust which reviewed and made decisions on any claim that was filed against the company. A set amount of money was put into the fund, and used to pay out people who genuinely suffered after being exposed to insulation materials provided by Pacor.

The CRMC has a division that has focused exclusively on asbestos-related claims for more than 18 years, and Pacor has been one of their primary clients. Pacor continues to operate today, and their headquarters were moved to New Jersey in 1995. They produce a variety of asbestos-free insulation and fabrication products to businesses across the United States.

Author: Linda Molinari

Editor in Chief, Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance

Linda Molinari