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A.F. Supply Corporation

A.F. Supply Corporation is a supplier of bath, kitchen, plumbing and heating equipment located in New York City. The company serves both retail and wholesale customers. Founded in the 1920s, A.F. Supply today specializes in upscale imported bathroom fixtures as well as industrial heating equipment.

Asbestos was a common ingredient in a large number of building materials throughout most of the 20th Century. Concrete water pipes were often composed with asbestos, and hot water pipes were coated with asbestos lagging. Heating systems were particularly significant source of asbestos exposure.  Since fire was always a danger, heating ducts were frequently insulated with asbestos. Because mesothelioma has a lengthy latency period however, most workers who were exposed did not develop diseases until many years or even decades after they were initially exposed.

In late 2007, A.F. Supply was a named defendant in an asbestos lawsuit filed in the New Jersey Superior Court, along with Honeywell, Ford Motors and General Electric among over a dozen others.

This company was one of the many companies that, during the first seven decades of the 20th century, utilized the mineral asbestos for its ability to resist fire. Although using asbestos was intended to save lives, it unfortunately often had the opposite effect.  Exposure to asbestos at jobsites has resulted in serious illness for untold numbers people. The reason is that strands of asbestos, if inhaled, damage internal organs, leading to life-threatening health conditions including asbestosis and cancer of the lungs. The most deadly of the asbestos-caused disorders is malignant mesothelioma, which is a form of cancer that involves the lining of the pleural cavity; it is almost always a terminal prognosis for those who develop it.

Now, we are much more knowledgeable about the dangers associated with being exposed to asbestos, and health and safety statutes protect employees who work with or near friable asbestos. Those who labored near job sites constructed with asbestos before such rules were implemented, on the other hand, often spent their days in sites where asbestos fibers were prevalent, and they as a rule were provided with little or no information concerning how to work safely with the mineral. If companies did not offer facilities to wash off asbestos fibers, employees carried asbestos fibers home on their clothes or in their hair, which exposed spouses to the risk of asbestos-related diseases.

Mesothelioma disease and other asbestos-related illnesses can take decades to develop, and the signs of these illnesses are often mistaken for those of less serious conditions, so those who worked at these installations at any time in the past, as well as their partners and children, should chat with their medical care providers about their history of exposure to asbestos.



A.F. Supply Corporation

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