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Daniel Sterman, M.D.

Dr. Sterman
Philadelphia, PA

Dr. Daniel Sterman

Clinical Director, Thoracic Oncology Gene Therapy Program

University of Pennsylvania Cancer Center, Penn Lung Center

3400 Spruce Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104
(215) 614-0984

Brown University - 1985

Cornell University Medical College - 1989

University of Pennsylvania

Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania

Educational Background

After attending Brown University where he earned an A.B. in European History, Dr. Daniel Sterman received his M.D. at Cornell University Medical College in 1989. At the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Sterman completed an Internship and Residency from 1989-1992 and an Instructorship in Emergency Medicine from 1992-1993.

From 1993-1997, Dr. Sterman received his fellowship training also at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania where he received state-of-the-art training in Interventional Bronchoscopy and Pleuroscopy. As a Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Dr. Sterman worked in the Thoracic Oncology Research Laboratory also at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Sterman is a board certified in Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Medicine and Critical Care Medicine.

Informational Video

In this video, Dr. Daniel Sterman discusses current findings from experimental mesothelioma treatment research at the University of Pennsylvania. There have been recent reports about mesothelioma patients who have experienced a spontaneous regression in the disease. Dr. Sterman talks about recent advances in immunotherapy research and ways that immunotherapy can be used to harness the body’s immune system to fight mesothelioma tumor growth.

Daniel Sterman, MD - Experimental Strategies in Malignant Mesothelioma

Professional Highlights

In 1997, Dr. Sterman was awarded an Assistant Professorship of Medicine in the Pulmonary Division at the University of Pennsylvania, and is currently an Associate Professor of Medicine and Associate Professor in Surgery. Furthermore, Dr. Sterman is the Director of the University of Pennsylvania’s Interventional Pulmonology Program. In addition, as the Clinical Director of Thoracic Oncology Gene Therapy Program of the Center for Lung Cancer and Related Disorders, Dr. Sterman continues to receive advanced training in bronchoscopy, bronchoplasty and other thoracic treatments.

Clinical Research

Currently, Dr. Sterman’s clinical focus relates to thoracic malignancies, their relationship with molecular medicine, and advancing technologies in Interventional Pulmonology. Further, as a researcher, Dr. Sterman’s interests include gene therapy and vaccine therapy for lung cancer, along with therapies for pleural malignancies including mesothelioma.

Dr. Sterman, recently, began a series of clinical trials aimed at understanding whether genetic immunotherapy is a viable treatment option for mesothelioma, pleural disease and other thoracic conditions.

Affiliations and Publications

With a multitude of publications relating to malignant mesothelioma and human gene therapy, advances in treatments for malignant pleural mesothelioma, and ongoing studies, Dr. Sterman’s clinical trials have resulted in treatment breakthroughs.


Dr. Sterman is the recipient of the National Institute of Health (NIH) Clinical Associate Physician Award.

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