January 2012


Three Tennessee Men Face Prison for Serious Asbestos Violations

A federal jury found the men guilty of violating a number of laws when they demolished a Chattanooga textile mill more than 7 years ago

Proton Therapy is a Promising Cancer Treatment

Is a 1950s Technology the Wave of the Future?

Vermonters Address Abandoned Asbestos Mine

Residents of two Vermont towns will be voted to decide whether or not to request that an old abandoned asbestos mine be declared a federal Superfund site

Are nanomaterials the next asbestos?

National Academy of Sciences raise concerns over safety of nanotechnology

Is Genome Mapping Key to Cancer Cure?

Sequencing Cancer Cell DNA Next Step for Comprehensive Treatment

Asbestos Found at University Library

Debris found on the B Level of Princeton University’s Firestone Library was found to contain asbestos

Wisconsin Appeals Court Reverses Asbestos-Related Award

The $1.5 million award in question had been given to the estate of a former painter and glass setter who died of malignant mesothelioma in 2006

Kansas Man Pleads Guilty to Second Set of Asbestos Violations

The owner of a Harper, Kansas-based construction company had a contract with the city to demolish an old, unused building

Asbestos in Nursing Home Basement a Concern

Officials say they've closed multiple rooms in the basement of an older Allentown, PA nursing home because they were worried about potential exposure to hazardous asbestos materials

Two Men Indicted in Massachusetts Asbestos Case

A property owner and his heating contractor violated the Clean Air Act when they failed to properly remove asbestos from a single-family rental property

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May 26, 2015
Heather Von St. James

My Decade of Survivorship

“Today is a day I was never meant to live, this year was one I wasn’t supposed to see, this life is one I wasn’t supposed to have.”