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MCA Warrior Stories

MCA Warrior Stories

Inspiring Stories from Courageous Men and Women Dedicated to Increasing Mesothelioma Awareness

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2 0 1 6 Aug 24

Julie Roberts Wants to Change How We Think About Mesothelioma

Julie Roberts is a marketing professional from Scotland who recently learned about mesothelioma – not just once but twice over. In the short span of only eight weeks, both her uncle and her father passed away from the disease. Now, she is sharing her story with anyone and everyone who will listen, while also working to raise awareness in the U.K. about this rare but deadly disease and the dangers of asbestos.

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2 0 1 6 Aug 4

How One Granddaughter Is Raising Awareness About Mesothelioma

Robert and Rachel

Bob Thomas is the tower of strength for his family, someone who has always been there to help his children and grandchildren, providing support, enjoyment, and love for all.

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When Betsy Brockett was diagnosed with a rare form of mesothelioma in her abdomen she was only 28 years old.

“My first reaction to my diagnosis was complete shock,” she recently told the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance. “It seemed to come out of nowhere, and the diagnosis dismantled everything in my life.”

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2 0 1 6 May 19

Galy Vee: Mountain-Climbing Mesothelioma Survivor and Eternal Optimist

Imagine you have the perfect life. You’re in prime physical condition at the peak of your career as a personal trainer. You have an amazing spouse and wonderful children and pets. You live in the Northern Beaches in Australia, an area known for its spectacular ocean views and proximity to the cultural center of Sydney. It’s your fiftieth birthday, and as a celebration of life, you’re giving back to the community by hosting a “Young at Heart” fitness class that will support victims of flooding in Queensland.

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What would you do if it turned out the job you love could also kill you? That’s not just a possibility for soldiers, police officers, and others in relatively dangerous professions. For Patricia Powell Hargrett, a public school teacher for a quarter of a century, it became a reality when she was diagnosed with peritoneal mesothelioma.

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2 0 1 6 Mar 10

Mavis Nye: The Story of a UK Mesowarrior

Mavis and Ray

The Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance would like to welcome Mavis Nye to our blog. Today, Mavis shares her story from the UK of how asbestos exposure led to her diagnosis of mesothelioma and her treatment journey fighting this disease. Mavis is currently a participant in a clinical trial exploring the effects of the drug Keytruda® which is providing a ray of hope for mesothelioma patients worldwide.

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Resources for Mesothelioma Patients and their Families

2 0 1 6 Mar 9

Lou Williams: My Campaign to Fast Track Keytruda® in Australia

Lou Williams

The Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance would like to welcome Lou Williams to our blog. Today, Lou shares her story of how the drug Keytruda® is helping her in her fight against mesothelioma and how she is campaigning to get this important treatment fast tracked on the Australian PBS (Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme) in an effort to make it more readily available to mesothelioma patients in her country.

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2 0 1 5 Feb 2

Advocate of the Month - February 2015

Tanita Taylor

The Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance would like to welcome Tanita Taylor to our blog as February's Advocate of the Month. Tanita is a proud mother of 2 and shares her experiences on her blog Just Motherhood. Today, Tanita shares the story of how mesothelioma affected her grandmother's life and her family's life.

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2 0 1 4 Dec 1

Advocate of the Month - December 2014

Francesca Govier and her dad

The Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance would like to thank Francesca Govier for sharing her story with our community as December's Advocate of the Month. Francesca's dad passed away after battling mesothelioma and taught Francesca about appreciating her family and being a strong woman at a young age. Share Francesca's story and spread her message of love and support to the cancer community.

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2 0 1 4 Nov 3

Advocate of the Month - November 2014

November Advocate Amanda Linehan

The Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance would like to welcome Amanda Linehan to our blog to share her story of how cancer has affected the lives of her loved ones and the impact it's had on her life. Amanda writes on her blog at Organicglory about living a healthy lifestyle. Read and share her story below.

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