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Doug Karr

Doug Karr

Petty Officer Second Class, United States Navy Veteran

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2 0 1 1 Dec 15

Rise in PTSD for Women in Combat

According to a story released by CNN on December 13,there are more cases of women diagnosed with and suffering from Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) than at any other time of our nation’s militaryhistory.

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The United States Committee on Veterans Affairs is launching an investigation into the Department of Veterans Affairs in regards to claims of inadequate staffing, long lines for mental health care and whether VA employees work to reach numbers rather than focusing on providing necessary mental health care.

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Chances are you’ve heard of Faith the Dog – also known as “Hope and love on two legs.” For those of you who have yet to hear her amazing story, Faithwas born in December of 2002, and was one of a litter of puppies with varying deformities.  She was the only deformed puppy to survive.  Rescued by alittle boy who would later become part of her family, Faith was nearly dead. She had three legs at the time of her rescue, but eventually, due tosevere malformation, her left front leg was removed.  Without two front legs, Faith’s new family wondered: how will she walk? They decided to teach Faith to walk on two legs – like a human.

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2 0 1 0 Nov 8

Veterans Day 2010: Honoring Today's Veterans

Thursday, November 11, 2010 is Veterans Day. Last year, in my Veterans Day 2009 post, I gave you a brief background of the history of Veterans Day, and quoted the 2008 census to give folks a real idea of just how many veterans there really are living in the United States – because, interestingly enough, the average person really low-balls their guess! I talked about how vets are more likely than civilians to develop mesothelioma cancer, and shared a poem and a few quotes.

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A recent study performed by The Gallup Organization has shown that active members of the military are happier and healthier overall than other members of the American workforce. However, military veterans were shown to suffer much worse than a civilian retiree.

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Newly-passed legislation in Georgia would permit a veteran’s PTSD diagnosis to be indicated on their driver’s license. But is this really a good idea?

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  • 17 Year Navy Veteran
  • Electrician’s Mate 2nd Class, Surface Warfare Qualified (1986-1992)
  • Served on The USS Coontz DDG-40 and the USS Spartanburg County LST-1192
  • Awarded the Navy Achievement Medal for service in Desert Storm and Desert Shield

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